Q&F: Hologram 3D Ultimate

Legions of Star Wars nerds have been waiting for this technology since 1977 when a sassy little droid first played a holographic recording of a soon-to-be-homeless princess! You know exactly what I’m talking about… something that creates a real, live holographic projection. I honestly never thought it was possible but in this case seeing IS definitely believing.

Hologram 3D Ultimate is pretty minimalistic in its design… basically all you have to do is select an image from your camera roll and press the “BEGIN TRANSMISSION” button and, voila, there’s your pic hovering over your damn iPhone!! Yes, I said it.


This isn’t some crappy holographic joke app, it’s the real deal. First I tried it with a photo of Darth Vader just for kicks, and when I saw it work I tried it again with a pic of my dog because Sith Lords are just so cliché.

The original source image for my holographic adventure

The original source image for my holographic adventure

Holy shit, Batman, this thing actually works

"You must go to the Dagobah System and get me some beef jerky"

As you can see, the image of my dog isn’t 100% crystal clear, but OMG it’s still frakkin’ amazing. So how does it work? According to Gull & Abel, the app uses some kind of workaround that enables the iPhone’s touchscreen to approximate a miniature version of something called diffraction grating (whatever the hell that is), and when I asked for more details they basically told me to take a hike because the rest is super top secret.

Hologram 3D Ultimate works best in very dark places, and it’s only somewhat visible in rooms where there isn’t too much light. All in all, I still have to sum up this app with one word: UNBELIEVABLE.

If you can't get to a place with no light, settle for low light and you'll still be amazed!

If you can't get to a place with no light, settle for low light and you'll still be amazed!

8 Responses to “Q&F: Hologram 3D Ultimate”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Is this for real? I already got burned today with April Fool’s.

  2. Dylan Says:

    Lol well lisa considering its made by Gull & Bull (gullible) Technologies……
    Funny :D

  3. PL Says:

    Good one!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  4. Reviewer Says:

    Tried and could not believe my eyes. BTW how to download this app?

  5. Michael (Admin) Says:

    Ok folks this is old news but since I just got back from a short vacation I’ll come clean… HOLOGRAM 3D ULTIMATE AIN’T REAL!

    It’s just my second annual April Fool’s gag. Haha, got-chu :mrgreen:

    Personally I thought last year’s Scent of a Chicken was funnier, but this one might have looked more convincing because of my mad Photoshop skillz.


  6. Justin Says:

    Yep …got me, too. That will teach me for skimming through a review …from now on, I will read every word of every view and treat your opinions with high skepticism.


  7. cool apps Says:

    ..hey :lol: funny

  8. argr Says:


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