Q&F: Quizarium


Are you a fan of trivia games?  If so, here’s a freebie you might want to pick up.  Quizarium is a Plus+ game specializing in all things trivia.  It allows the user to customize the game to their liking- everything from determining color options so that your ID stands out from other users to creating your own game rooms with characteristics you set. What I enjoyed about the game is the fact that you can match wits with other players in a variety of game settings and topical areas.

You can share your results on Twitter and Facebook, rack up awards, invite friends into your game rooms, and challenge your intellectual ability in one of three difficulty levels.

There’s also a Quizarium Pro version available for .99.  The Pro version is free of banner ads and offers 9 different skins.

One note, however.  Since it’s an online multiplayer game, the quality of your data connection is critical.  Spotty connections can lead to lag and lag is never a good thing where every split second counts.

iTunes Link – Quizarium

Version 1.1

Tested on an iPod Touch 3.1.3

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