Sweet Studio brings us this platform style side scrolling fighting game. You take on the role of Tedd, the older brother of Kara, who seems to have lost her necklace. You must track down the necklace by fighting your way through a ton of street thugs that stand in your way.

When I downloaded this game the english translation was really bad in a good way. It brought me back to the days of “ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US!!” This didn’t bother me at all since this is a fighting game and not an RPG. The story line was like an amusing brain twist in between boss fights. To my dismay an update was put out that fixed a lot of the text. It defiantly isn’t perfect now but you can actually follow the story line. All my screen shots are going to be before the update as an homage to bad translation so I advise you to click on them and see for your self.

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