Doodle Frog: The Defense os Lost Castle

A long time ago in a land far, far away, an evil witch turned an arrogant young prince into a frog. 

The frog prince, of course, wanted to become human again, but only a fairy could help him.  Unfortunately, the fairy resided high in the sky, far above the lily pad land of the prince, though it was rumored that she had sprinkled the sky with special stars that could be followed to find her.

The Frog Prince had a special ability.  Not only could he hop lilies, he could also hop the stars.  Or at least magical ones, anyway.  So it set out on a quest to find the good fairy.

Would he find her and become the human he once was?

Ok, so that’s not really the backstory to this game; I just made it up.  Doodle Frog, from Thetis Consulting, bills itself as an addictive game.  It does have that potential.  Here’s how it works:  At the start of each game, a fairy sprinkles stars into the sky and the game pans down a few seconds until it reaches the earth.  By using swiping motions at the bottom of the screen, the player controls the frog’s motions so that it can “hop” to a star.  If the frog touches a star, the frog is propelled up.  The frog’s flight can be managed by swiping right or left, but once a star is touched, it disappears and cannot be touched again.

Points are gained as the frog moves from star to star.  Some stars are worth more points than others.  And there are witches that periodically fly into the game to steal points.  If the frog misses a star and there are no other stars for it to hop onto (or a little flying bug buzzing by), it falls back to the ground.

On the plus side: Doodle Frog was easy to learn to play.  It took some time for me to get used to the swiping style of movement, but not too long.  It can be a challenging game in much the same way that a lot of the ‘Doodle’ games are.

On the minus side: the game got to be a little repetitive after a while; the pattern of stars never seemed to change all that much.  I believe it could benefit from some variance.  Maybe different kinds of stars that do different things, witches that hover and cast spells that affect the frog’s jumping, or other bad “guys” might help spice the game up a little.  I think the fairy sprinkling star scene at the beginning of every game could either be shortened or cut out entirely.  Also, the falling frog scene could be shortened as well.  Those two bits take up far too much time and really interrupt the flow of getting into the game and trying to go farther than you did the last time (via the ‘Try Again’ option).  When I was first starting to learn the game, it seemed as though I spent far more time falling or waiting for the fairy to do her thing than play.  And that quickly became annoying.

Although its playability could be improved a lot with just a few changes, this is- in my opinion- a good start.

iTunes Link – Doodle Frog

Version 1.0

Tested on an Ipod Touch 3.1.3 

4 Responses to “Doodle Frog: The Defense os Lost Castle”

  1. Michael E. Says:

    Here are some free promo codes from the developer. If you take a code, take a sec to note that below. Nothing sucks more than rushing to redeem a code only to find that someone else has already done so. Also, if you redeem a code, please leave some feedback about the app in iTunes. Thanks! Michael E.

    1. N3K7FFRK69M3
    2. L3MX4KK44HTW
    3. 6LHJH4WAP7WL
    4. KFXM69HK9AK7
    5. N4J4HRXKF7ET

  2. Ldgm Says:

    Thanks! Just as a note, I redeemed code 4. I tried code 5 and it claimed that it was already redeemed. I’ll try the game out later and will give a review on it.

    Thanks to you guys for the review, and thanks to the developer for the codes!

  3. Matt Says:

    Claimed #3. Thanks. :)

  4. Michael Says:

    All are redeemed, FYI

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