Q&F: Penguin Bounce

UPDATE: This is now $.99, not free

Have you ever wanted to be a penguin? Have you ever wanted to bounce on snowflakes up to outer space? Have you ever wanted to be a penguin that bounces on snowflakes to outer space? If you answered, “Yes,” to any of those questions, read on! And if you didn’t, you should still read this review.

In Penguin Bounce, an app designed by screensmudge, you are a cute penguin who lives on an ice berg. You try to bounce on snowflakes higher and higher to obtain the best high score before falling safely to your cozy little ice berg. This game seems like a spin off of the game Doodle Jump, but in this game you control your penguin by swiping your finger to the left or right.

Being free, I would recommend this game for any penguin lover, snowflake lover, or Nutcracker lover (the background music is from the Nutcracker). So check out this game in the App store today.

iTunes Link – Penguin Bounce

Version 1.0

Reviewed on iPhone 3GS OS 3.1.2

2 Responses to “Q&F: Penguin Bounce”

  1. Sara Says:

    Be sure to post which one you take

    1. 6W9YYW9X9KJN
    3. A9NRET94FL93

  2. Sohum Says:


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