Bubble Trouble

Bubble Trouble can be described by one word: addictive. This app by XWUZ Entertainment my sport a $2.00 price tag, but is well worth every cent. It is a game with a simple objective: get rid of as many shapes as possible.

The way that this task is accomplished is by clicking groups of three or more of the same shape/color. When you do this, they disappear. You get to keep going until you run out of moves, and then the spaces are filled up with more shapes, and a new level is started. You keep going until the entire board is filled up and no more moves are possible. It may seem easy, but as you advance through each level, more shapes are added slowly until you are dealing with at least five!

This game has cute arcade, style graphics and an easy way to navigate through the game. It even provides you with the instructions whenever you launch the app, so that if you give it to you friend to play, you won’t have to explain. I have played a game similar to this with the exact same objective; however, whenever a space opens up, the stacks of shapes squish together to close the gap. I would have been able to get more points if this was true in this app, but the fact that it doesn’t do that adds the difficulty of the app.

This app is also very child friendly. It has no violence, gore, blood or any of the “bad stuff.” Plus, it allows you to randomly click on things that aren’t pairs (if on accident or not) and not dock any points. I really liked this feature because it made me remain sane when I couldn’t find the last group of three (the game does not start a new level until all existing groups of three or more are gone).

Overall, this is a fun game and well worth your $2.00. It’s easy to learn and hard to put down, so if you are looking for something new to freshen  up your iPhone, check out Bubble Trouble in the App Store.

iTunes Link – Bubble Trouble
Version 1.4.3
Reviewed on iPhone 3GS OS 3.1.2

8 Responses to “Bubble Trouble”

  1. Sara Says:

    Y’all know the rules. Post which one you take and give a nice review to the awesome company that provided these to us. :D

    1. 6JRT49W7PPRH
    2. 9N643MKFFNFA
    3. NY43L66RE7E4
    5. M936RA77RLYK
    8. M4LJL4YKHW49
    9. XN3HN9M4LNFF
    10. 3JMK7FAJ3WAF

  2. Brandon Says:

    All of these are expired. :(

  3. Sara Says:

    Here are some more codes

    1. HM937MR3KEFH
    2. 3HF97TJ9ATL9
    4. KP4FPTMMP79P
    6. 4NHKHR3933HF
    7. 33XXAY6WTEFP
    8. RNK444KHE9E9
    10. 4476PNFKTM67

  4. gmoney Says:

    took #9… thanks!

  5. ijoy Says:

    Took #3. Thank You :P

  6. Sibi Says:


  7. flygary Says:

    RNK444KHE9E9 used

  8. mskeff Says:

    All are used :(

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