“Remember that one movie with that one guy?” This actually came out of my mouth once. I like movies as much as the next guy but I just can’t remember important things like names and titles. Then there is the whole “He looks familiar what movie do I recognize him from?” No longer will these questions haunt me now that there is an IMDb app. Not only can you search IMDb you can check local show times, find out what movies are coming out soon, box office results, top 250 movies, a TV guide,  recaps of TV shows spoilers included, what stars were born that day, and more. So if your like me and your not a movie encyclopedia, do yourself a favor and get the IMDb app.

iTunes Link – IMDb

Version 1.0

Reiviewd on iPhone 3G OS3.1.2

3 Responses to “Q&F: IMDb”

  1. the Majority Says:

    Oi Brad,
    stop being so US centric. You are on the WORLD WIDE Web, remember?
    There is a whole world outside your tiny backyard.
    The IMDb app is only available in the US iTunes Store.
    Remember you’re writing for your readership so get to know them.
    You could actually ask IMDb if & when their app will be available elsewhere or if not then why not. Action speaks louder than lazy words.

  2. Brad H. Says:


    Thank you for your concern, I sent the developers an email and will let you know what they say. As for being US centric, I would have to disagree. 3 of the 6 apps I have reviewed so far are based out of another country, and 2 of the 3 US apps I have reviewed were Quick & Free apps. I would love to get to know you better. Where are you from, what are you looking for in a review and anything else you would like to share.

    Thanks for your comment

  3. Ryan Wade Says:

    SWEET … really going to enjoy this!


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