Q&F: Cause World

As I sat in an Italian restaurant eating some fettuccine alfredo, I silently tapped on my iPhone. Within seconds, I had donated help to the Red Cross for the Haiti relief. How did I do it? I was using the ShopKick app called Cause World.

Cause World is similar to apps like My Town and Four Square where you “check-in” to various places around your town to gain points called karma. You get 10 karma per check-in. There are some differences between Cause World and My Town or Four Square. One is the time rules. You can’t just check into a place and check into another place; you have to wait five minutes between each check-in. Also, you can only check-in 10 times per day.

Now you are probably wondering what these karma points can be used for. Well, when you click the donate button, you get a list of everything your karma points can get you. You can donate your points to things ranging from offsetting your carbon footpring to feeding a chimp! Plus, you can also donate your karma to help the Red Cross help with the Haiti Relief.

 So if you want a cool app where you can help a charity without using your time/money/resources, check out Cause World.

iTunes Link – CauseWorld
Reviewed on iPhone 3GS OS 3.1.2
Version 1.01

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