Q&F: Downhill Fridge Challenge

This is probably the strangest and most random game I’ve seen. You try to get a fridge that’s on a skateboard down a hill.  You tilt your  iPhone to control you speed. If you tilt the iPhone forward, you will speed up; tilt backwards to slow it down. Why you want to get a fridge down a hill on a skateboard I don’t know, but obviously random games are fun. :D

I found myself trying to get down the hill several times. When I finally succeeded, I was disappointed to see that you have to pay to unlock more levels.

The good news is: the graphics are awesome! I loved the comic-book-like design as it added to the uniqueness of the app.

If you want a free game by OutOfTheBit, check this game out!

iTunes Link – Downhill Fridge Challenge

Reviewed on iPhone 3GS OS 3.1.2

Version 1.0.0

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