Some people are into sports. Really into sports. They’re the go-to-a-game-in-the-middle-of-winter-wearing-only-jeans-and-blue-body-paint kind of people.  I know you’ve seen them; the TV camera always seems to pick them out of the crowd and chances are good that you’ve been seated near a few at least once in your lifetime.  They’re the same people who can effortlessly spout stats for individual players, the teams they play for, the games those teams have won and the games the teams have lost.  Not just for this season, but every game ever played.  They are like walking Wikipedias.

If you’re one of those folks and also like RSS feeds, then Impiger Technologies’ myFeeds is the app for you.  And if you have even a passing interest in sports, then myFeeds is an app you’ll want to check out.

There aren’t a lot of confusing bells and whistles to this RSS app; myFeeds is easy to navigate in its design and boasts an impressive preconfigured collection of sports feeds covering everything from football (yes, both) to Formula 1 racing, from cricket to Nascar. 

The strength of myFeeds lies in its singular sports focus and ability to customize the way you organize your feeds.  There are more preprogrammed sports feeds than you can shake a stick at and, should that not be enough, you can also create specific information categories in which to place those and any new feeds you choose to add.  myFeeds has a few news and weather feeds preconfigured, too.

myFeeds also gives the on-the-go reader who doesn’t have the time to read an entire article the opportunity to cut to the chase and view article headline and a simple sentence summary of the article.  If the user likes the article summary, they can view the full article, cutting down on a lot of unnecessary reading and skimming.

myFeeds is not its challenges, however.  Although it is now able (a new feature in version 2.0)  to add, view, and delete bookmarks, it cannot import or manage Google Reader subscriptions, something a number of other RSS readers are able to do out of the gate.  In order to add feeds beyond those preconfigured in myFeeds, they must be typed out manually.  Unfortunately, there is no feed search option and I found the absence of this feature one that made the addition of new feeds an inconvenient process.  I believe, however, that future upgrades will enable these and other vital features.  Once they’re implemented, I think myFeeds could be competition to those other, more expensive readers.  For now, it can take pride in the fact that it is a great RSS app for sports aficionados.

iTunes Link – myFeeds

Version 2.0

Reviewed on iPod Touch 3.1.2

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