Impossible Finger Carnival

Step right up! Step right up! Only $5 for 3 shots! Knock over the milk bottles and win a fabulous prize! I remember walking through the midway at the fair that always came to my town being tempted by the carnies to step up to their game, fork over $5, fail miserably, and receive a puny $.5o toy. I, of course, was gullible enough to fall for their tricks.

When I saw this app, it immediately brought me back to last summer, walking through the midway to watch the suckers fork over outrageous amounts to win useless stuff (but I did see someone win an electric guitar, but that’s a different story). The Impossible Finger Carnival, a fiendish game designed by Darrellution, is exactly what the name says, impossible! It’s not that the tasks (removing slime, finding a lost item, keeping a ball in play, popping a certain color balloon, spelling a word, solving a math equation, catching items, and tapping a button) are not feasible, but rather the time limit given.

For example, in Find The Items, you are given a flashlight and asked to go find i.e. the ‘horn’! You are then presented with a black screen. You have four seconds to find the horn. The challenging perspective of racing against time to complete otherwise pointless tasks makes this game fun and addictive. Not only that, whenever you fail miserably (such as at a real fair or carnival) you are greeted with an insulting message like, “My grandmother is faster than you!” I think this app is both a great time killer and a fun game.

What makes this app better is the contest they are running. Between now and January 31, you can submit your highest score to their Facebook page (just search Darrellution) and have a chance to win $100! That seems like a great prize for an app only costing $.99!

So if you are looking for a fun, addictive app that costs only a buck, plus gives you a chance to win $100, download the Impossible Finger Carnival.

iTunes Link – Impossible Finger Carnival
Version 1.0
Reviewed on iPhone 3GS OS 3.1.2

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  1. tspreezy Says:

    Agreed this game rocks my freakin fingers off! First 99 cent game with an incentive. I mean come on who wouldn’t want to win money playing a simple little game on their iphone. I love that the game seems fit for all ages; whether your 8 or 80 these little brain busting games will test your reflexes and mind.

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