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Flysoft’s rating: 9.0
IAR’s rating: 7.0

Russian developer Flysoft arrives in the Nick of time (see what I did there?) with a nifty little holiday messaging app called SMS-BOX Christmas Time!  Does it send visions of sugar plums dancing through your head or give you a case of the humbugs?  Flysoft is pretty confident it’s the former so let’s see what they have to say first then I’ll try to confirm or deny with plenty of opinions along the way. 

Flysoft’s summary:

What SMS-BOX Christmas Time! does:

SMS-BOX: Christmas Time! is a massive collection of Xmas text messages and cards. Congratulate your loved, friends, colleagues, relatives and everyone you wish. Add one of the 50 original greeting cards to your message!
To send a card or message, just pick one of many, choose which method you’d like to use: SMS, MMS or e-mail (if you have iPod Touch only e-mail), pick to whom the message is going to and send! Standard messaging rates may apply.
What this app does right:
It’s just on time for Holidays as it gives a wonderful opportunity to congratulate anyone in a very special way. Moreover, it manages to send cards via MMS, SMS and email.
 Where this app needs to improve:

The following option might be added – integration to contact list, so that user can see whom he had already congratulted, whom – not.

Features and improvements planned for the future:

– increasing the number of texts and cards

IAR’s take:

In a nutshell this app lets you send either text-based (via SMS) holiday messages or quite artfully created greeting cards (via MMS).  Oh you can use email too but texting is so much more fun isn’t it?  Yes, we know the Apple SDK prohibits 3rd party apps from talking directly to the ‘Messages’ app but hey, they can still talk INdirectly right?  As a workaround the app copies your message/card to the clipboard then closes itself down and launches the Messages app where you simply paste and send.  Not elegant of course but it gets the job done and works just fine (not to mention there’s no other choice anyway).

Having someone else do the thinking for you is nice sometimes so the wide variety of text greetings is a good thing.  In fact, they’ve got them organized into the following categories: Wishes For, Happy New Year, Toasts, Jokes, Short Poems, Invitations and X-mas.  A few problems do exist however.  The grammar and syntax are not always accurate and there are several duplicated entries in the Toasts section so a little QA/QC wouldn’t hurt.  Fortunately, you can edit/change every greeting within the Messages app before tapping send.  Also, and this is of course just my opinion, many of the messages are kinda sappy/silly and it would be hard for me to find situations where I’d use them as opposed to just composing my own text messages to friends and family.

Fortunately however, the real highlight of this app is the greeting cards.  It should be noted that unless I’m seriously missing something, the paid app has 39 cards, not 50 (perhaps the Lite has 11 others?).  Anyway the cards are illustrated quite skillfully and make for good holiday eye-candy.  Each one comes with a default caption but as with the text greetings, they are often grammatically incorrect or just simply make no sense (probably just yer basic translation issues going from Russian to English).  Fortunately, you can edit/change these as well before you send which is great and adds a lot of value.  Useful hint: you can easily turn a text greeting into a card caption without leaving the app by just pasting it in.

Note the paid app (not sure about Lite) is not for kids as it contains some adult humor and subject matter.  Oddly, I didn’t receive the standard Apple warning about this when downloading the app although Flysoft does represent this fact adequately in the iTunes description.

My biggest suggestion to make this app better is to add more content to the greeting cards as in my usage this was the exclusive reason to load it up (and as mentioned whoever did the art for them is quite good).  Also, I’d love to see landscape support added to make typing captions for the greeting cards easier for the more fat-fingered among us.

Hold on to your sleighbells folks, the developer was kind enough to provide 10 promo codes for us to publish so head on over to the comments section!

Version reviewed – 1.0
Reviewed on – iPhone 3GS OS 3.1.2
iTunes Link – SMS-BOX Christmas Time! / Lite version
* POV is sponsored by the developer
Update 12/16/09 – Wouldn’t you know the 1.1 update just came out, the very day I posted this review!  Anywho the sole change is a few more greeting cards, bringing the total to 42.

7 Responses to “POV: SMS-BOX Christmas Time!”

  1. Swain Valasek Says:

    Codes you want, codes you get! Please remember to post which code you took so others don’t get frustrated trying to redeem old codes.


  2. Marcio Arruda Says:


    Thanks a lot


  3. Beth C. Says:

    7F9YMAKNFRMW worked for me – Thank you!

  4. djfancylad Says:


  5. corallibra Says:

    All gone, just 3 reply

  6. Jirka85 Says:

    Tnx already have it and rather like it. Among the good things that i noticed is the niciest interface. And of course that does the app credit that it’s rather simple in usage, as for cards – skillfully done, even amazing. what about the amount of crude humor that sruck some users – it’s up to you to decide to send these cards and texts or not. (As far as i understood the app was created to cover the average audience)
    By the way I found 39 cards in the app. As exactly the description on the App Store says.

  7. Ketty83 Says:

    The app is amazin’! :D It’s easy to use – you can simply paste and send. I believe Flysoft company has the best designers – cuz’ I’ve already bought their several apps – Past Life Analyser, SMS-BOX for Lovers – they are really delightful thanks to its graphics. Another good feature – you can change texts, if you do not like the original.
    TNX to the developers and I wish them every success! 8)

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