Q&F: Emoji Free!

For a guy who runs an iPhone review site, you’d be surprised at how clueless I am on some things! Case in point: I’ve had my iPhone for nearly 18 months but I didn’t know what the hell an emoji was until about a month ago. If you’re still in the dark, emojis are just little icons that you insert into text the same way you’d use a smiley face, except there’s way more variety. They range from animal faces to transportation to flowers to food items and everything else, and they tend to be very cartoony with somewhat of an Asian bent to them.

When a friend posted something on Facebook about her love affair with emojis I finally decided to investigate and found Emoji Free by Awesomest Software. The app itself is kind of a one-and-done thing where you use it to install the icons and then you don’t need it anymore. Installation within this ad supported app is pretty idiot-proof, but after you’re done you’ll need to go to Settings > General > International > Keyboards > Japanese > Emoji On/Off to make hundreds of emoji icons magically accessible. Once you do that, though, you can go emoji crazy! Just push the globe icon on your iPhone keyboard to find your emoji sets.

There are other free emoji installation apps out there and they may be just as good as this one, but all I can say is this one definitely works and it’s free! If you wanna get cute  in your SMS and emails, this app will do the trick.

iTunes Link – Emoji Free!
Version 1.4
Reviewed on iPhone 3G OS3.1.2

One Response to “Q&F: Emoji Free!”

  1. Peter Says:

    I payed for this app and The icons dont show up when I send them as a sms to a friend nor when I send a mail to myselfe. (gmail)

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