Day 1: This was meant to be a simple trip to the TanZen convention, but I believe the directions that guy gave us at the last gas station were inaccurate. After wild Pentanimals trashed our cars, we were forced to run away on foot, my mom clutching her most valuable possessions. We seem to have stumbled into a cavern filled with cube-like, hollow colored rocks. Mom wants to make this our camp. She already started unpacking her porcelain little white bear collection, so there is no stopping her now.

Day 2: A red cube rock fell from the ceiling, nearly crushing Mom. She placed the block onto a column with two other red blocks and they disappeared.

Day 3: One of the walls just moved closer to me. Mom doesn’t believe me.

Day 4: More rocks falling from the ceiling. We’ve resorted to piling them up in a corner.

Day 5: Some more rocks disappeared. There seems to be a difference between hollow rocks and the solid ones. Mom finished unpacking her porcelain white bear collection.

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