IAR’s 18 Random Halloween Freebies

Halloween is tomorrow which means all these Halloween iPhone apps will be losing relevance really soon! Enjoy them while you can. This is my third installment of Halloween Freebies, so there are 6 new ones and I’m also tacking on the previous 12.

Movie Costume by DD Studio: Another dress-up-your-photos app, but this one comes with no less than 88 items for making your friends look stupid.

Singing Pumpkins by RAMDreams: I reviewed this app last year and it’s great! Tap the ridiculously cute pumpkins to hear them sing or make scary noises.

100+ Halloween Costumes by iPhoneCodeTutorials.com: If you’re desperate for a Halloween costume idea maybe this app can help?

Manic Pumpkin by Rich Olson: Roll your pumpkin downhill and jump it off ramps through a very Halloweeny 3D course! There’s also a non-Halloween-themed version called Manic Marble.

Ghostbuster by Geek Quarter: Capture at least 35 ghosts to advance to the next level. Sorry, this game has nothing to do with the movie!

Funhouse of Horrors 01 Digital Comic! by Carnival Comics: Like comics? Oh sorry, I mean “graphic novels”? This is an iPhone-ized version of Jazan Wild’s Funhouse of Horrors.

And now for the previous 12 Random Halloween Freebies:

Halloween Wordsearch by FinBlade: I reviewed this app almost a year ago and I’m glad to see it’s still around and still free. Good app!

Halloween PhotoCraft by EndLoop Systems: Dress up your pics with Halloween-themed stamps and whatnot.

Zombie Me by Portegno Apps: Kinda like Halloween PhotoCraft, but bigger and grosser! No longer free! :x

Halloween Memory Match Game by ObjectGraph: Sounds pretty self-explanatory, right?!

reMovem Halloween Edition by Mundue.net: I reviewed reMovem(then called Jawbreaker) within the first week of starting this site and I wasn’t impressed… but that was a year ago! Maybe the game’s gotten better?

Whack-a-Halloween by Nguyen Minh Duc: In this game you whack Halloweens. Ok, actually you whack scarecrows n stuff… just shut up and start whacking!

Free Halloween Sounds by Pixel Narrative: Make a whole bunch o’ scary sounds including Howling Wolf, Deadly Scream, and Croaking Frog. Huh… croaking frog? Eh, ok!

Halloween Music by nuTsie: Looks like this app gets updated for Christmas as well, at which point it will probably be renamed Christmas Music! Free music that you can buy or just listen to in-app (must play in shuffle mode to hear the full songs).

Halloween Deluxe by Schatzisoft: This one’s a jack of all trades… spooky sounds, days until Halloween countdown, costume ideas, and scary facts.

Halloween Quick Turn by Portable Zoo: There’s a crazy jack-o-lantern bouncing around your screen… don’t ask me why! Turn your iPhone like a steering wheel to keep him (or her?) moving towards the correct color.

AdLibs Lite: Halloween Edition by E.E. Flobes: I reviewed this applast year… not bad! If you remember MadLibs from when you were little, this app will feel very familiar.

Halloween Photo Free by ObjectGraph: Take pictures and dress ‘em up with Halloween silliness.

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  1. galen wollenberg Says:

    :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    Halloweeny is the best Halloween sound box there is! With 20 different spooky sounds, you can create your own haunted music or sound effects. It’s the perfect office gag app this Halloween!
    :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

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