Scrawling evil messages across photos in blood is soooo messy! GhostWriter will do it for you, and after you take your photo it’ll even throw in some Ghoulish Miasma if you want it to.

Ghoulish Miasma is really just some weird-looking orange fog that you probably won’t want on very many of your pics (don’t worry, it’s optional), but the spooky fonts comes in two varieties, Angered Spirit and Blood Writ, and they ain’t bad. GhostWriter comes with six innocent default messages that you can select individually or at random, and if you want to really damn someone to hell you can type in your own custom message! Sweet.

The thing this app does that’s a little different is that, after you take a pic, the app will fade the text and Miasma in slowly while it plays a Halloween sound effect. This feature may not sound like much, but I guess it adds a little something to that moment of unbridled excitement when you first show the pic to whoever just said ‘Cheese’ for you. The animation and sound are strictly in-app, but the pic you just took can be saved or emailed with a quick tap.

If this app has one major shortcoming it’s the inability to apply the Ghost Writing to camera roll pics! You’d think this very basic feature would be included, yet “Take Picture” is the only option available. What this means is that you need to set your text (unless you’re cool with going random) before you take the pic. If you’re not satisfied with the bloody text that gets automatically applied to the pic you just took, then you gotta do the photo again and listen to everyone groan while you go into Settings to choose or type in the text you want.

Hopefully Cute Logic will remedy this with a future update, but until that happens all I can say is Buyer Beware! What GhostWriter currently does, it does well, but I think the omission of the apply-to-pics-already-taken feature is going to be a dealbreaker with a lot of Halloween partygoers and trick-or-treaters.

iTunes Link – GhostWriter
Version 1.0
Reviewed on iPhone 3G OS3.1.2

5 Responses to “GhostWriter”

  1. Michael (Admin) Says:

    Thank you Cute Logic!

    Please play nice and LEAVE A COMMENT telling everyone which code you took. If you get one, I’m sure the developer would also appreciate an App Store review!

    2. 9EFFYJLTMM97
    3. 46LHNAN9MARL

    Instructions on how to redeem promo codes can be found here:

    You must have a U.S. iTunes account to redeem codes.

  2. bluespider Says:

    I took 5. JK9RHYFLAEMY

  3. Eric Says:

    Red 4 standing by!

  4. vij Says:

    Took 1, thanks

  5. Tim Says:

    All gone… as usual.

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