IAR’s 6 Random Halloween Freebies

Get your inner Pagan ready… Halloween is two weeks from tomorrow!

Free Halloween Sounds by Pixel Narrative: Make a whole bunch o’ scary sounds including Howling Wolf, Deadly Scream, and Croaking Frog. Huh… croaking frog? Eh, ok!

Halloween Music by nuTsie: Looks like this app gets updated for Christmas as well, at which point it will probably be renamed Christmas Music! Free music that you can buy or just listen to in-app (must play in shuffle mode to hear the full songs).

Halloween Deluxe by Schatzisoft: This one’s a jack of all trades… spooky sounds, days until Halloween countdown, costume ideas, and scary facts.

Halloween Quick Turn by Portable Zoo: There’s a crazy jack-o-lantern bouncing around your screen… don’t ask me why! Turn your iPhone like a steering wheel to keep him (or her?) moving towards the correct color.

AdLibs Lite: Halloween Edition by E.E. Flobes: I reviewed this app last year… not bad! If you remember MadLibs from when you were little, this app will feel very familiar.

Halloween Photo Free by ObjectGraph: Take pictures and dress ’em up with Halloween silliness.

3 Responses to “IAR’s 6 Random Halloween Freebies”

  1. James Says:

    You can find many free Halloween virtual gifts in iGift4u (http://itunes.com/app/igift4u). You can post Halloween virtual gifts on Facebook or on Twitter, plus much more. It’s cool and I’ve just found it through IAIndex ;-)!

  2. Kiichi Says:


    Thank you for reviewing our Halloween Photo Free! We recently made our Fart Piano for free. Please check this out too!



  3. galen wollenberg Says:

    :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
    Halloweeny is the best Halloween sound box there is! With 20 different spooky sounds, you can create your own haunted music or sound effects. It’s the perfect office gag app this Halloween!
    :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

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