IAR’s 6 Random Halloween Freebies

In a few weeks it’ll be time to dress up the kids like monsters and send them out into the streets to beg for candy! This is the first of a few rounds of untested but free Halloween iPhone apps to get everyone in the “spirit”. Haha check it out, I made a Halloween pun! I’m so clever.

Halloween Wordsearch by FinBlade: I reviewed this app almost a year ago and I’m glad to see it’s still around and still free. Good app!

Halloween PhotoCraft by EndLoop Systems: Dress up your pics with Halloween-themed stamps and whatnot.

Zombie Me by Portegno Apps: Kinda like Halloween PhotoCraft, but bigger and grosser!

Halloween Memory Match Game by ObjectGraph: Sounds pretty self-explanatory, right?!

reMovem Halloween Edition by Mundue.net: I reviewed reMovem (then called Jawbreaker) within the first week of starting this site and I wasn’t impressed… but that was a year ago! Maybe the game’s gotten better?

Whack-a-Halloween by Nguyen Minh Duc: In this game you whack Halloweens. Ok, actually you whack scarecrows n stuff… just shut up and start whacking!

Oh hey btw, could you do me a favor and DIGG this? Shameless, I know! Thanks~

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