IAR’s 6 Random Freebies

There’s no real “theme” in this week’s group of untested free junk, but I’d bet a dollar that you’ll download at least one of these apps! Even I’ve already installed a couple and my iPhone’s app screens are nearly at max capacity.

Halloween Countdown by Energize Solutions: It’s October! And in case you’re too drunk to solve the mathematical equation 31-2=? this app will do it for you.

MEVO & The Grooveriders by Red Rocket Games: This game just went from $.99 to free on a weekend promotion so get it before the price goes back up! Looks like it could be pretty fun.

Fantasy Football 2009 by Citizen Sports: Looks like a great tool for tracking custom scoring and news, plus it can hook directly into your Facebook league if you’re in one.

Fizz Snow by Fizz Software: Like it or not, winter’s coming! Fizz Snow is for tracking surface conditions at 1,000+ ski resorts worldwide.

Warp Defense by FX Marketing: If you like TD (tower defense) games, get this one before it goes back up to $.99!

PandoraBox by by AppZap: Admit it, you look forward to our Random Freebies because you’re too cheap to pay for apps! It’s ok, we’re cheap, too. PandoraBox tracks price reductions in the App Store to make it easier for you to find stuff that’s free or at least cheaper.

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