IAR’s 6 Random Freebies

Hey it’s finally Friday and today’s round of untested free crap is all GAMES! Screw productivity, let’s have some fun.

Fling! by CandyCane: I think a lot of developers like to announce fake “sale” prices for their apps, but this one looks legit. Fling! is normally $2 but it’s free right now and looks like a quality time-waster, so grab it for nothing while you can!

Volkswagen Scirocco R 24H Challenge 3D by FISHLABS: Yes, this game is all about product marketing… but it also looks like it has tons of potential to be a fun way to snag some free Fahrfegnugen or whatever you call it.

A Quest of Knights Onrush by Chillingo: Control one badass knight wearing a manhole cover over his face as he battles the oncoming horde!

SPACE DEADBEEF by I.D.P.: This game was actually reviewed back in December of last year, but the name is funny enough and the game is good enough that it’s worth mentioning one more time.

PapiMissile by Sunflat: If you’ve been around the App Store for long enough you already know who Papi is… this time around he’s in a Missile Command-like situation where he has to shoot down incoming rockets. Papi always keeps it super simple but everyone seems to like the red ball guy.

Blackjack World ♠ Monte Carlo by Candywriter: I doubt it’s better than Avalinx’s 21 Pro, but if it even comes close then this should be a freebie worth installing!

2 Responses to “IAR’s 6 Random Freebies”

  1. Tom Says:

    So much for the Fling freebie…They’ve changed it to .99…Which isn’t a lot of $….But it’s not free anymore (for the record)

  2. Michael (Admin) Says:

    Bummer! Sorry, I guess my post came a day too late :(

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