C@rds Master

Let’s see… I’ve gushed about Halloween C@rds, Christmas C@rds, Love C@rds, and Frame C@rds. Can you tell that I like this series of greeting card apps?

Hot Chili Apps was kind of ahead of the App Store’s development curve when they released their first C@rds apps last year… in-app purchasing wasn’t possible until just recently, so they released each version of their app one by one and if you bought several of them it meant having several different app icons to access them all. Now that in-app buys can be made, they’ve released C@rds Master which provides a complete preview of each C@rd set’s templates and it also includes two working templates from each set that you can use right away.

At first glance you might think this app is just a ploy to sell more C@rds, and selling is definitely part of the plan here, but it also lets you consolidate all of the C@rd sets you’ve already bought into one place! Sweet.

I’m going to toss out a laundry list of features just in case you’re new to the C@rds line of iPhone greeting cards:

  • Take a new pic or place existing images into photo-friendly templates
  • Scale and rotate images
  • Place multiple lines of text
  • Independently edit each line of text with color/drop shadow/position
  • Scale and rotate text
  • “Share” via email or post to Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr (new)

The sharing thing is a recent development which I haven’t had the occasion to try yet but I’m sure I will soon.

Everything else works just as well as it always has, and my only gripe with C@rds Master is that I kind of think it should be free! I know that people who have already bought C@rd apps in the past would appreciate not having to pay to consolidate, and the two free templates per set (20 in all) basically equate to this app being a “lite” version. Not only that, but wouldn’t it seem like this kind of sales vehicle would work best without obstacles? I know my imaginary degree from the Trial and Error School of Business doesn’t hold much weight, and I’m sure the folks at Hot Chili have considered both sides of free vs. paid, but I’m just sayin’….

Anyway, Halloween is coming up and then we jump straight into Christmas/New Year, so if there was ever a time to start shopping for iPhone greetings this is it, and the C@rds series is a great place to start. From a business perspective I may not agree with charging a dollar for this app, but in terms of function and value you could do much, much worse.

iTunes Link – C@rd Master
Version 1.1
Reviewed on iPhone 3G OS3.1

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