IAR’s 6 Random Freebies

Normally this bunch of apps is untested free stuff, but I’ve actually tried a couple in this round! I have three fantasy football leagues on Yahoo (I know, you’re sick of hearing about them) so that one’s a must-have, and I tried out JellyCar back when it was in the Top 25 Free list. I haven’t had much time yet to play with Yahoo’s app, but JellyCar is definitely worth trying.

JellyCar by Walaber: This one used to be in the Top 25, but it’s still free! Very cool and very frustrating game.

Yahoo! Fantasy Football ’09 by Yahoo!: If you’re playing fantasy football on Yahoo! you just gotta get this app, no question about it

Qik by Qik, Inc.: For 3GS users only, Qik is for shooting & sharing videos via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SMS, email, and maybe a couple of other methods… I dunno, I’m still stuck with a 3G!

Have2P by AT&T Interactive R&D: When you’re sliding into first and your pants are about to burst… you know the next line, right? Have2P is for finding a place to do your business. Probably awesome if you have kids with badly-timed bladders.

iCandyPix Sexy Pics + iCandyPix Vol. 2 by Keyvisuals: Normally I wouldn’t bother with bikini apps, but this one lets you stick the girls into your own photos! Haha, pretty funny.

9/11 Numbers by Stalefish Labs: I saved this one for last because it’s such a downer, but it’s also appropriate since today is the eighth anniversary of the destruction of the World Trade Center in NYC. It spits out various numbers and statistics related to that very, very bad day in 2001

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