Eric’s 6 Random Freebies

Eric hasn’t actually sent me his list this week, so I’m just pulling this one out of my ass! Here are six untested apps from the App Store’s Top 50 Free that look like they’ve got some potential.

Discovery Channel by (duh) Discovery Channel: I’m not surprised this app is at #1 right now – it looks like a smorgasbord of DC’s nerdy-but-cool educational content… videos, behind-the-scenes show info, photo galleries, TV schedule, all that.

Bump by Bump Technologies: I’ve actually used this one and it works as advertised (and as shown in the iPhone commercial)! Select your info from Contacts, your fellow Bumper does the same, and with a quick bump the info somehow gets traded between both devices. Pretty cool.

Mover by Infinite Labs: I think this one was featured in a recent iPhone commercial, too. Connect to the same wifi network as another device, both open Mover, and you’re supposed to be able to swipe stuff back and forth between the devices. I’ll be trying this one out for real next week.

textPlus by GOGII: 17,557 ratings can’t be wrong! Plus I’ve gotten some SMS messages myself from a friend in Norway who uses this app. It sends free text messages (yes, from iPod Touch, too) to U.S. mobile numbers from anywhere in the world! Sweet.

Offender Locator Lite by ThinAir Wireless: Find out if rapists and child molesters live on your street!

All 57 Games Free by DS Effects: 57 free games! BUT… user reviews are overwhelmingly bad, so lower your expectations on this one.

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  1. iPhone App Reviews Says:

    Glad to see Bump on this list. What a great app.

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