Eric’s 6 Random Freebies

This round of Eric’s free untested stuff is somewhat about practicality… do a house budget, figure out how depressingly broke you are, call a taxi, talk to deaf people, that kind of thing. If you actually have money or don’t know any deaf people, just play Blackjack Free!

Taxi Magic by RideCharge Inc.: You’re hammered and a DUI is the last thing you (or the people you’re about to kill) need right now. Get a cab! NFL players may be able to get away with it but you won’t.

HomeBudget Lite by Anishu Inc.: You spent $900 last month on entertainment and only $46 on groceries? Well done, my friend.

Quicken Online Mobile by Intuit, Inc.: Sign up for the free Quicken Online and you can use this app to remind you of just how close you are to complete financial ruin!

iSign Lite by The full version of this animated sign language phrasebook has 800 signs, but the lite version only has 25. Lite indeed! But if you ever go to a restaurant where all the wait staff is deaf you’ll be able to ask them to boil soft whale muscle.

Blackjack Free by MobilityWare: It’s ad supported, but hey it’s a free blackjack game! And yes, you can split and double.

Mega Man II Lite by Capcom Interactive: Get a taste of console nostalgia with what I’m assuming is a pretty limited version of Capcom’s classic NES port.

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