I don’t text message a lot.  While I type 96 words a minute, I still fumble when I only have 140 characters at my disposal.  My kids text me all friggin’ day long, but I can’t seem to get my idea across in that small amount of space.  I started  Twittering though (follow me), to see if I can get the hang of it, and now I hear that teens don’t twitter.  I guess I’ll never be able to speak to my teenagers again.  I’m all broken up about it… 

Due to this handicap, I send a lot of email, especially lately, because I’m unemployed and looking for a job like 9.4% of you.  I also belong to two newsgroups, an online support group (don’t ask) that email me individual messages.  Each time I reply to one of these groups, it requires a different type of signature.  You know, a cordial greeting, my name, phone and email for job inquiries and replies, my aliases – or is it aliai? – for the newsgroups, and a rather lengthy signature line with lots of info in it for the support group. 

So I LOVE – truly, madly, deeply – Signature from IdeasUnplugged.  I can have up to six different signature blocks for the different types of email I send.  I can use the signatures on original emails, replies, even forwards.  Simply open Signature and select the signature I want for a new email, or click reply, then go to Signature, select my signature, and it’s added to the reply.  I can even include an image, photograph, or links in my signature block. 

Now, it does require that your REMEMBER that you HAVE Signature.  A couple of times I’ve forgotten and started an email without selecting my signature first.  In this case, it adds my signature above the email text I’ve already written, which is a pain in the ass.  I fixed this by moving the Signature application icon directly next to my email icon, so I look right at it before I go into my email.  That’s helped 95% of the time. 

For $1.99, this app is well worth the price if you send different types of email that require different signatures, considering, no matter how good an iPhone touchboard typist you are, you still hork up words and phrases a good percentage of the time.  Type it once, and be done with it.  That’s my motto.  There is a lite version available for free if you want to give it a test run first. 

iTunes Link – Signature

Application version 2.0

Reviewed on iPhone 2G OS 3.0.1

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