Eric’s 6 Random Freebies

It’s been a few weeks since the last round of untested free stuff, but this one was worth the wait!

Eric’s dug up a bunch of apps that look unique and really worth trying out. If the mosquito-repeller works come back and let us know!!!!

Learn Chess by Tom Kerrigan: It astounds me how many people don’t know how to play chess! If you’re one of those folks you should remedy that… you never know when you’ll want to impress the neighborhood geek.

Anti Mosquito Free by iPushUpCounter: There are several anti-mosquito apps that claim to play a noise that only mosquitos (and dogs?) can hear… some reviewers of this app say it’s great, others say it totally blows…

CardStar by Mesa Dynamics LLC: Digitize all those annoying “club” cards you have to sort through when you go shopping

How To Videos From Learn how to do all kinds of oddball things and, most importantly, learn how to moonwalk

Military Might by Playmesh: Run an army instead of a mafia

Assassin’s Creed Altair’s Chronicles Free by Gameloft: Well it’s Gameloft so you know it’s good, but it’s also “free” from Gameloft so you know it’s short

4 Responses to “Eric’s 6 Random Freebies”

  1. Ashley Says:

    I have so many reward cards that I am willing to give CardStar a try

    My brother forgot his reward coupon for BestBuy one time at home and instead of coming back to use it, he loaded it up on his iPhone. The cashier wasn’t able to scan it (he had his brightness up too high) but she entered it into the registered and it went through

  2. 3Ten Says:

    I hate reward cards with a passion, but you’re pretty much forced to use them nowadays. I’ll use it just so I don’t ever have to carry one again. Awesome find!

  3. iPhone App Reviewer Says:

    That’s pretty sweet – I’ll have to try – would be a lot easier than carrying tons of gift cards and even id’s (though I wouldn’t carry an id on my iPhone without it being passcode locked).

    BTW you can also turn the brightness down in settings – Settings -> General -> Brightness. (I’d also turn off auto-brightness).

  4. iPhone App Reviewer Says:

    Learn Chess is pretty awesome – I’ve mentioned it several times on my site, unfortunately it won’t teach you much strategy but it’s absolutely awesome for brushing up on chess rules. Or even for showing a buddy how to play when you find yourself bored -_-

    I’m also getting pretty sick of pointless apps like Anti Mosquito Free.

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