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Chrisa reviewed Packing back in March and it nearly sent her into orgasmic convulsions! Her words (kind of), not mine.

I don’t think I’m quite as obsessive-compulsive as Chrisa… I’m a single guy, after all. My typical packing ritual begins about half an hour before I’m supposed to walk out the door and usually takes about 10-15 minutes, but when I’m tossing garbage into a suitcase it’s always pretty haphazard and there have been plenty of times when I’ve figured out that I forgot something I really wanted to have with me.

Something tells me those days are over! I can see why Chrisa went so nutty over her version of Packing… this really is a great tool for anal-retentive travelers and I can even see myself using it whenever I’m about to hit the road.

I never tried the non-pro version of Packing that got Chrisa so giddy, but here’s the full list of “Pro” upgrade features straight from Quinn Genzel’s website:

  • Expert list generation based on number of adults (males & females), number of children, number of days, temperature and destination, as well as preferences for food preparation and clothes washing
  • twice as many sample packing lists (now 8), including ones for couples, families, business people and campers
  • customizable user interface. This includes packing list layout choices, font choices, and nearly full control of all the colors in the app (check out the screenshots!)
  • better organization and navigation between sections (Packing, Catalog, Design)
  • expanded Master Catalog, including new items for babies, sports/activities & cooking

It may be a while before I experience the true power of the “Expert” list generator, but it looks pretty handy… right now, as a lone traveler, I prefer creating my packing list from scratch because Expert and the other predetermined sample lists have sooooo much stuff in them that I think it’s actually faster to grab items from the Master Catalog than it is to delete all the junk I don’t need.

One of Packing Pro’s new features is more sample packing lists, but even the “super light” list has more than I want. Q-tips? Eh, I can live without them. Condoms? Yeah I *wish* I needed those! Even all the little miscellany is either moot or, in my mind, not list-worthy enough put a checkbox next to…. money belt, long johns, umbrella, floss, vitamins, padlock, sewing kit, etc. Sewing kit? Ha, yeah right.

Even though the sample lists don’t do much for me, picking and choosing from the Master Catalog is a great feature that I used to plan my packing adventure for an upcoming trip to Las Vegas. There were some items I still added myself, but the vast majority of the crap I’m taking with me was already listed, even my PSP! Cool.

The only problem I encountered with Packing Pro was in trying to edit the Item field in the Item Detail screen. I was tapping directly on the text field but it turns out I need to tap slightly below it… my fingers aren’t particularly fat and selecting text fields usually isn’t a problem for me, so I can only assume there’s a little tweak needed on this screen.

For me, a single guy who doesn’t need condoms or sewing kits, Packing Pro is useful. I imagine I’d get a lot more out of this app if I were more like Chrisa with kids and a spouse to worry about… this app really tries to cover ALL the bases in stuffing a suitcase and, near as I can tell, it succeeds.

If you buy this app, be prepared to invest some time customizing your packing list when you’re planning your first trip. Maybe you DO need condoms (bastard!) and umbrellas and whatever, and once you’ve got a good list together you can save it as a template for future travels. After that, getting your packing planned and done with should be incredibly easy.

iTunes Link – Packing Pro
Version 2.3
Reviewed on iPhone 3G OS3.0

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  1. Michael (Admin) Says:

    Thanks a lot to Quinn Genzel for the codes! Please be sure to tell everyone which code you took.

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    Instructions on how to redeem promo codes can be found here:

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  2. BigDog Says:

    Grabbed #6

  3. MS Says:

    Tooked number 10. REKEML6RRN49.

    Thanks ;)

  4. Kent Says:

    Lucky #8 HTP6H33HLMLT

  5. quinn Says:

    took 1 thanks!

  6. jose Says:

    i got #2!!!!!!!!!!

  7. AdamT Says:

    Hello, grabbed

    7. YAM6LWF94EL7


  8. Belril Says:

    Number 9 is mine.

    Thanks a lot!

  9. Smile Says:

    get #3

  10. Paul Says:

    Got number 4

  11. Bob Says:

    All gone.

  12. Frank Says:

    in half an hour they are all gone :(

  13. Michael (Admin) Says:

    Gotta move fast and be lucky in your timing! Most codes are snapped up within minutes.

  14. PL Says:

    Thanks bu all gone.

  15. PL Says:

    Is there a link from this page can take me to the software directly? i have to copy the name and do a search each time. I think I am missing something


  16. Michael (Admin) Says:

    iTunes links are now included with every review at the end of the text

  17. Jim Says:

    Pretty good app, took some time to setup all my lists but worth it if you travel all the time. Could be a bit easier on the interface 3.5/5

  18. Michael (Admin) Says:

    Hey everyone… if you grabbed one of these codes you may have noticed that it’s for Packing, not Packing Pro! D’oh. My mistake.

    In a few minutes I’m going to be posting the correct set of codes for Packing Pro in case you’re interested!

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