A few Lingopal codes!

If you missed out on yesterday’s app giveaway, which one user called “epic”, I still have a few apps leftover and Lingopal is one of them! I just reviewed Lingopal a few days ago and it’s pretty great as phrasebooks go… 42 languages, spoken translations, and it’s all local (as in no internet needed). Impressive!

If you miss out on these codes but are planning to be in a foreign country sometime in the foreseeable future, just buy the app – it’ll come in handy.

iTunes Link – Lingopal – Fun Multilingual Phrasebook
Lingopal website

12 Responses to “A few Lingopal codes!”

  1. Michael (Admin) Says:

    Thanks Lingopal!!

    As always, please play nice and BE SURE TO LEAVE A COMMENT if you take one!

    1. RH3AWFWAF499
    2. W63NNYNX7XPH
    3. ML64W6WX6PFE
    6. 494KYWW974RX
    7. LR7PN6ER76K3
    8. RNEHF4H46PFX
    10. Y4PTMXY7WE36

    Instructions on how to redeem promo codes can be found here:

    You must have a U.S. iTunes account to redeem codes.

  2. adamt Says:

    grabbed #6 – 494KYWW974RX


  3. momtotwo Says:

    grabbed #10 – Y4PTMXY7WE36… thanks!

  4. Arosega Says:

    grabbed #2-W63NNYNX7XPH


  5. Matt Says:

    Awesome, this was app I really wanted but missed out on yesterday.

    Grabbed #9: WKA7HP7RWHAN

  6. Marie Says:

    Took #8 RNEHF4H46PFX. Thank you!

  7. Agent K Says:

    took #1

  8. JOEL Says:

    got number 7

  9. outphase Says:

    Took ML64W6WX6PFE

  10. DJP25 Says:

    Got #4.


  11. JOEL Says:

    Thanks again!

  12. Auds Says:

    –> #5

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