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I regularly keep 100+ apps loaded on my iPhone and one of my favorites is ToyCamera which I almost use more often than my iPhone’s regular camera… granted, I have an iPhone 3G (not S) so I’m not giving up any fancy new features like autofocus, but even if I had a 3GS I’d probably still use it all the time! That’s how frakkin cool it is… it makes lame photos a little less lame, and cool photos that much cooler.

LOMO Camera is a lot like ToyCamera in that it imitates the visual effect of an old-timey piece of crap shutterbox, specifically the Lomo LC-A. The Lomo isn’t actually all that old or crappy – it was first introduced in 1984 and sports some cool features – but this Russian-made camera has made a pretty big name for itself among photography nuts and avant-garde weirdos, and now Westarting Studio has their own iPhone-ified version available in the App Store.

I have to admit that I’ve never actually used a real Lomo camera, but I really like what this app does to iPhone photos and I like how it’s done. The actual function of LOMO Camera is really simple… take a picture or choose an existing one, preview it under a few different effects, and save the new LOMO image to your camera roll. That’s all there is to it.

The only hiccup I ran into was when I was goofing with a pic of Scarlett Johansson and her excellent cleavage, but after running it through LOMO it didn’t look right! To be fair, the pic was a pretty big one that I found online (800×600, Scarlett’s boobs deserve no less) and I guess the image size somehow cause the app to add some weird lines which you can see in the photo gallery. iPhone-sized 2 MP photos, however, get crunched by the app just right. I’m guessing it’ll also work ok with 3 MP images produced by the 3GS but don’t quote me on that.

LOMO Camera is great and does exactly what it promises, but being a regular user of ToyCamera I totally find myself wishing that someone would combine the two apps! ToyCamera has a bigger variety of filters but it applies them to photos at random, and LOMO has only three filters (black & white, redscale, and “normal” Lomo LC-A) but unlike ToyCamera it lets you choose which one to apply after the photo’s been snapped! I super-love each of these apps individually, but I’d love it even more if someone could combine the two and free up a spot on my Home screen.

If you take a lot of photos with your iPhone and/or spend a lot of time crying over how bad they suck, pony up $3 for LOMO Camera and go have some fun with it. It may not replace your default camera app entirely, but I think there’s a good chance it’ll become one of your most-used apps in short order.

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  1. Michael (Admin) Says:

    Westarting Studio has been nice enough to provide some promo codes to hand out!

    First come, first served… and PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT saying which code you took! Thanks


    Instructions on how to redeem promo codes can be found here:

    (You must have a U.S. iTunes account to use promo codes)

  2. Gary Carinio Says:

    Cool! thanks for the free app! 3HJHK7FWWJMY

  3. Brian Says:

    The second one is already dead. I took the third!

  4. PL Says:

    Thanks but all gone again and only 2 replies.

  5. alchemistmuffin Says:


  6. misterT Says:

    please guys you HAVE to say if you took a code thats 6 weeks in a row where people haven’t done it.

  7. tjbrumfield Says:

    It makes me wonder if promo codes shouldn’t be handed out some other way. Perhaps the most frequent members of the site, who post the most on the forums, leave the most comments here, rate the most apps, etc. would be given first pick at promo codes available. It’s just an idea.

  8. buzz Says:

    Thanks!! LH4A9JX4J9N4

  9. Sergio Says:

    Hi, I downloaded the Lomo App, and I think it’s great. I have never used a real Lomo, but my brother from whom i learned the existance of the LOMO, says that the effects look more like the Holga than the Lomo, but he did like the picures i took with the iphone.

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