iPhone 3GS oleophobic = fantastic

What seemed a total gimmic when first announced has proven itself to be the real deal.  After putting the 3GS through its paces for about a week now and the 3G still fresh in my mind, there’s no doubt Apple’s new ‘oil-fearing’  coating on the 3GS is a marvel.  I had to always carry around a quality microfiber cloth to truly get my 3G screen clean (which I had a screen protector on) as anything else really didn’t do much but move the smudges around to other parts of the screen.  In contrast, the 3GS (with no screen protector) not only just stays cleaner longer in general but a wipe on the shirt or pants actually does clean it up nicely…impressive!

7 Responses to “iPhone 3GS oleophobic = fantastic”

  1. PL Says:

    Are you saying 3GS doesn’t need screen protector?
    It won’t get scratch from the keys in my pocket?

  2. Swain Valasek Says:

    PL, no not saying the 3GS wouldn’t benefit from a screen protector but only for scratch resistance as you noted; it would of course defeat the oil-resistant coating. In fact I’m reading some reports out there that the 3GS screen is easier to scratch than the 3G but even saying that, the iPhone screen in general is made from a quite scratch-resistant glass.

    All I’m saying is the oil-resistant coating specific to the 3GS is a wonderful thing and while I had a screen protector on my 3G I’m definitely not putting one on my 3GS and defeat this killer feature. I’ll just try and be more careful with it. =)

  3. PL Says:

    Thanks. :)
    That’s a very good tip.

  4. Doc Says:

    If you have your phone in your pocket together with your keys the last thing that needs protection is the screen.

  5. Sfstktd Says:


  6. Justin Says:

    Are you referring to the person’s head, Doc? That they need head protection if they actually put their keys in the same pocket as the phone? I tend to agree. I just got my first iPhone (3GS) and I keep it in my right pocket with nothing else. Tempted to leave a screen off because the longer I use it without it, the more I know I’m going to hate it when I put a screen on.

  7. Michael (Admin) Says:

    I never never never put my iPhone in the same pocket as my keys!! That’s just asking for trouble, and by trouble I mean scratches, lots of em

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