It’s always a pleasure reviewing an app that has the time and money invested to make it a truly quality game. Sentinel is a tower defense game that rises to the top with spectacular graphics, great sound, and intuitive controls. Origin8 Technologies Limited has put a lot into developing this app, and it shows.

If you’re not familiar with the tower defense game genre, here’s a short primer. You are guarding your base from the hordes of enemy who will follow a convoluted path of attack. Place towers to fire on the enemy and hopefully stop them from reaching your base.

The controls are simple and easily learned. Drag and drop to create towers, and tap existing towers to either upgrade or sell.  Use two fingers and spread apart to zoom in for a better look at any area then scroll around the battlefield with one finger.

There are three different maps of increasing difficulty. Beating a map unlocks the next map. One interesting feature on the maps in Sentinel was multiple entry points for enemies. The second and third maps both had more than one path enemies could take to get to the base, making the defense more challenging.

Included on the maps are barriers. These are blockades on the path which enemies must destroy to pass. If kept intact, the barriers will add to your score and possibly make defense of your base a little easier.

For the most part Sentinel is a lot like most other traditional tower defense games out there, which is its main weakness. The tower choices are your basic weak and fast attack tower, cannon-type tower, slow enemies tower, strong and slow attack tower, and sniper tower. Enemies also fall into the usual types: slow walkers, fast swarmers, flying, and boss.

One addition is the ability to have up to three repair robots. These robots will repair damages to the base or barriers. When not repairing, they will mine resources to add to your money.

I admit that I am not the best at tower defense games, but I had hoped to make it all the way through on Easy mode. On the third map I was destroyed just I made it to Wave 100 (out of 120). It is a little frustrating to make it that far then have to start over from the beginning. It would also be nice to have a checkpoint or two along the way considering how long it takes to get that far.

At $4.99 this is one of the higher-priced games out there. Looking at the app, it is easy to see the reason for the price tag. Development of a quality app costs money, and Sentinel is definitely a high-quality app. If you enjoy tower defense games, Sentinel will certainly not leave you disappointed.

3 Responses to “Sentinel”

  1. Swain Valasek Says:

    This game is fantastic and gobs of fun but it’s impossible to say that without first giving major props to Fieldrunners which is in my mind the role model for Sentinel. Sentinel has better map graphics and a slicker UI but that’s it, everything else is on par or surpassed by Fieldrunners (as of the latest 1.2.2 version). Having played both now in great quantity it’s an easy conclusion: buy them both.

  2. Chris J. Says:

    I’m not sure where the credit truly lies in the whole tower defense genre. I’ve seen a lot of variations on the internet, and most of them have a lot of similarities with Sentinel. I agree that while the UI and graphics are great, Sentinel doesn’t innovate as much as it should with the gameplay. I’ve seen several flash games that have a lot more interesting variations on gameplay in the tower defense genre (or maybe its a sub-genre).

  3. Jon Says:

    aaaaghhh i keep getting to the last level of The Core and dying!!!!

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