I once read an article about how some girl had a running competition with her co-workers to see who could show off the weirdest iPhone app at every meeting, so before heading over to the conference room she would go to the App Store and find the strangest app possible to out-weird the competition. I don’t know if this is a common practice, but if you have similar contests in your workplace try arming yourself with BellyButton! Chances are you’ll walk away a champ.

BellyButton is kind of like Wooo Button… it’s pointless, bizarre, and strangely amusing. You get to choose from seven different navels, one of which is an orange (!), and match them up with five different voices. Each bellybutton type defaults to a particular voice, like the hula belly is paired with the voice of Female 2, and when you tap or tickle the belly it jiggles and laughs! Yep. It jiggles. And it laughs.

You can change the laughter if you’re more entertained by the thought of a girl with a huge beer gut or some other odd combo, and there’s a Roulette Mode that will throw in a fart here and there which makes the giggling just that much funnier.

What I’d like to see in future updates are more bellies and more variety in the laugh tracks. How about a pregnant belly? One with tattoos, maybe? And the available laughter is kind of funny, but more is always better.

ch-apps did a decent job on BellyButton, but I think even they would have to admit that this is definitely a “niche” kind of app… some people will roll their eyes at it and go “omg wtf”, while others will think it’s the funniest app ever made. Does that mean it’s worth a buck? Well… if you’re in the running to win some kind of screwy office pool, definitely! And if not, then you’ll just have to decide for yourself what an occasional chuckle is worth to you.

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  1. 113Tidbits Says:

    Really good pictures of lint and the occasional bit of toejam.

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