WordDigest English Dictionary, Thesaurus & Spell Checker


Pulling a page from the book of extra-long titles, here now is WordDigest English Dictionary, Thesaurus & Spell Checker from Global Delight (blessedly shortened to just WordDigest hereafter).  Since the title is so self-descriptive of the app’s function, I’ll list the unique features straightaway, paraphrased from their website:

– Dictionary containing more than 147,000 words
– IPA pronunciations for 87,000 words (IPA stands for International Phonetic Alphabet…ya I didn’t know what it stood for either)
– Built-in hyperlinked thesaurus for more than 28,000 words
– Built-in hyperlinked intelligent spell checker
– Bookmark favorite words for easy recall
– History of previously searched words
– Built in web search for Wikipedia, Wiktionary and Answers.com
– Option to show the etymology (word origins) for a word. This feature requires an active Internet connection.
– Option to alter the text size

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