Kiss My Lips


I love my iPhone! I take it to the movies, I take it out to dinner, I take it on long walks along the beach… I sleep with it… uhhh, this is starting to get creepy. But I have one last confession: I just kissed it four times. The first kiss was a simple peck, but by the fourth kiss I was practically licking the docking port! Ok, I made that last part up… mostly.

Kiss My Lips is an app that will get you to kiss your iPhone like an idiot. The iTunes description promises “sizzling kissing sensations” (read: vibrates when you kiss the screen) and that it’ll “make the world jealous” because you get to “kiss” Mr. Casanova, Sexy Lady, Serial Kisser, Dusky Beauty, and a whole bunch more imaginary personas that come with the app.

The whole thing is obviously ridiculous, but even so… it would be nice if the artwork for the different kissees weren’t limited to thumbails on the menu screen. You get all these nicely illustrated thumbnails of these people you’d totally nail if you were also living in a cartoon world, but when you tap on any of them you get the same lip-print screen for your big smooch! Bummer.

That’s pretty much all there is to Kiss My Lips. Unless your emotional issues are epic in scale and you feel that cold glass on your lips is better than nothing at all, this app isn’t gonna give you any sizzling sensations. Dammit!! BUT… it does have potential value in goofing on your iPhone-hating (or iPhone-jealous?) friends.

When you crack open your first beers of the night, make a bet that you’ll have your pal kissing your iPhone by the time they crawl home. Nine beers later, pull out Kiss My Lips and you’ll be gloating over your victory for weeks to come! If you think you can pull off this stunt with success, blow the $.99 for this app. Otherwise, your dollar is probably better spent elsewhere.

3 Responses to “Kiss My Lips”

  1. Chrisa Says:

    Dude, you can love your iPhone, just don’t LOVE your iPhone…

  2. Michael (Admin) Says:


  3. crag Says:

    its a mint app!:D

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