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Let’s face it, who hasn’t imagined playing god now and then? Maybe you want to fry someone with a lightening bolt or just fling them into the atmosphere. For the less vengeful, perhaps you just want to toy with the laws of physics a little. Now Bolt Creative gives you a little island of cute, big-eyed islanders to spare or destroy (mostly destroy) at your whim.

Pocket God is an entertaining app that lets you explore multiple ways of tormenting your cute little islanders. Toss a couple in the volcano, fry one with a bolt of lightening, or tilt your iPhone and watch them slide right into the ocean. If you run out of islanders, simply add some more and continue at will.

Tossing islanders in the volcano can be a little challenging at times, which is probably where most people will find the replay value for the time being. If you manage to toss three islanders in the volcano, you are rewarded with an eruption that will rain molten lava onto the remaining inhabitants of the island. You can watch the islanders run around and leap into the ocean where they promptly drown. Sure it’s sadistic, and yet strangely cute.

Admittedly, this app may quickly become tiresome for some users. This is where the promised updates of Bolt Interactive become a tempting part of the lure of this app.  The creators promise in the description on iTunes: “We aim to update every week for the next few updates.” If they hold themselves on this schedule, this should go a long way towards making this a much more appealing app over the long run.

Pocket God is entertaining, but as it is, it falls short in the long run. There simply is not enough to the app to keep my attention for an extended period of time. While really entertaining for a few minutes, the joy of destroying islanders fades quickly.

There are really only a few ways of making the islander’s lives miserable, and no ways of making their lives better. The application description on iTunes asks whether you will be a benevolent or vengeful god, but unfortunately you are really not given the choice at this point.  The developers have claimed that the next update will allow you to give the islanders rest (not sure what that means), but unfortunately I can’t review it if I haven’t seen it. I must admit I’m intrigued enough that I’m looking forward to that update.

Additional powers will of course enhance the app substantially. I also like to have some feeling of lasting accomplishment. It would be entertaining to see your islander’s mood change depending on the type of god you are. Would they fear you? Love you? Hate you? The choice of good or evil is much more satisfying when it comes with some sort of consequence.

The question on everyone’s mind is always, “Should I buy it?” The answer lies mainly on whether you believe the developers will continue to provide updates as promised. Some updates (ability to fry islanders with lightening) have already been added, so it does look promising. In the end, this app will be something of a gamble depending on how long the updates continue and how good they are. Personally, I think it is worth a buck to see just how far this app can go.

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  1. Michael (Admin) Says:

    I love the idea of this game, but you’re totally right… tormenting little cartoon people is only fun for so long.

    I know this app doesn’t really fall into the same class as The Sims, but I think that game’s success is mostly due to all the things you can do to advance the characters, not destroy them! But destroying IS kind of fun, even if only for a little while.

  2. Chris J. Says:

    New update just in! Now you can feed your islanders coconuts, after breaking them open by dropping them on an islander’s head first. Also, you can now change from day to night, allowing your islanders some rest. Or you can just wait for them to sleep so you can catch them by surprise. You can also create a sunset for your islanders to appreciate. A good and much needed update.

  3. A person with an idea Says:

    It needs more like you can choose types of weapons like fireball, meteors, and acid rain(or just plain rain) or you could add when one of them falls off instead of drowning they get eaten by a shark or make it so you can switch them these are just possible ideas i own the app and its really fun but it needs more

  4. Chris J. Says:

    There is a Facebook and Twitter link at the website for Pocket God.

  5. Chris J. Says:

    Another update for Pocket God, this app is really shaping up to be one of the top apps for the iPhone. The newest addition adds a boulder that you can use to either crush the little islanders, or knock them over like bowling pins. There is also an unlockable feature, but I’ll let you find that for yourself. It’s not difficult to find.

  6. gomez jones Says:

    Umm hi all my friends have this app and it seemed awesome so I downloaded it on my computer (mac) and it didn’t appear:p so I said whatever and downloaded it straight to my iPhone from the app store only to discover that when I open it it loads for about two minutes begins then goes back to loading for five seconds and closes. Is anyone having this same problem or heard of a soon to come update?

  7. Chris J. Says:

    That’s strange, this is the first problem I’ve heard of. I have never had any problems with Pocket God on my iPod Touch. All I can think is that you might want to check to make sure your iPhone has the latest software update.
    You can check at pocketgod.blogspot.com to see if there is any more info or send an email to the creators.
    This is unusual for this app, so I would first check your iPhone software.

  8. Melissa Says:

    I just bought pocket god yesterday and it says that there will be new chapters or updates, stuff like that, and for me to get those updates will it be automatic or will i have to buy the app again?

  9. Cavin Gonzalez Says:

    I think its a good idea but you should be able to upgrade your your island maybe even upgrade and dress your people differently. Different weapons wouls also be fun. There should be more than just an island eventouly or just make it bigger so you could put other stuff on the islands to decorate like chairs or something. Wild animals would be cool good ones and bad ones they dont have to be real so maybe they can bond to something like we do to dogs. Allowing other islanders to attack or throw or wrestle other islanders would be cool too. Another good idea is too visit other islanders.

  10. Chris J. Says:

    Updates are free, but you will have to download them. There should be an “Updates” icon on the lower right in the App Store on your iPhone. From iTunes, simply go to the library and choose applications, if there’s an update available it will say so at the bottom of the screen.
    Updates should keep coming pretty regularly for a while, the next one is title “Jump the shark”.

  11. Chris J. Says:

    Yet another update for Pocket God. There is now a shark circling the island to play with (or feed if you want). Bolt Creative is raining down awesomeness with this app.
    Seriously, I now recommend buying this app while it is still just $0.99. Buying ensures more updates and in my opinion the price of the app is bound to rise sometime in the future. This app now has more features than some of the apps selling for 3 bucks.

  12. Grace Says:

    I hate this app because it wont run on the original iphone is there anyone that it has worked for??

  13. Chris J. Says:

    Have you tried contacting the developers? They are really trying to make everyone as happy as possible.
    Also, have you made sure that you have the current software update? If you don’t have the current software it isn’t going to work.

  14. Michael (Admin) Says:

    Hey Chris, thanks for taking the time to reply to the replyers! If I were the Island God and you were an islander, I’d incinerate everyone but you. And Chrisa, and Swain, and Lee… well you get the idea. :smile:

  15. nickolodeon Says:

    i got pocket god on my iphone but i went to the pocket god blogspot thing and just if any 1 knows what the the “new visitor”

  16. nickolodeon Says:

    :oops: :oops: :arrow: :grin: :idea: :oops: :arrow: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :arrow: :!: :?: :!: :?: :evil: :cool:

  17. iamtheschwarz Says:

    :?: well i seem to have a problem with my newly downloaded Pocket God. when i open it it comes up and loads for about five seconds and then closes back to the main ipod screen.. so i said to myself “ok it must have an update already..” and connected it to my computer but nope, no updates. should i dump it and redownload it or what?

  18. iamtheschwarz Says:

    nevermind i dumped it and reloaded it and it was fine lol

  19. Chris J. Says:

    Glad to hear it worked for you. Like I have said before, Pocket God is usually very stable, so problems like these are a bit more unusual. In this case it sounds like there was a glitch in the app store download.

  20. puda Says:

    :neutral: the game is fun always to me they added quite a lot to it though.

  21. Chris J. Says:

    This review was done about 5 updates ago, so it is pretty outdated now. Michael himself gave in and bought the app recently.
    You can see a new updated review here:

  22. Ideas Says:

    I think it would be fun if the islanders could fly into space or use a submarine in the ocean, maybe even visit a different island… this would enable you to bring back different islanders from different places like a marshain from space or a sea man from the ocean, and maybe even different looking islanders from say… China! It could be added to your islander infantry where you can store your new islanders. Maybe their could also be a customize your islander!
    Thank You For Considering

  23. morgan Says:

    would it be ok to make an app that tortured african slaves on board a slave ship? How about one where you are the Nazi and you get to torture jews? No? Then why is it ok to torture cartoon Pacific Islanders?

  24. Chris J. Says:

    While no answer is sufficient to explain away violence (cartoon or otherwise) entirely I think I can address some of what you say.
    First of all, unlike your analogies we are not imitating some past atrocity against a specific people. In fact, you are not playing the part of a person at all. The player isn’t wielding whips and chains, but lightening and hurricanes.
    Second, I think what I call “cartoon” violence falls into a separate category from real violence. When Wile E. Coyote fell off the cliff for the hundredth time, he still came back as alive as ever. Psychology has noted that especially in boys there is a clear difference between play violence of youth and the more real violence of adults.

  25. David H. Says:

    In reply to Chris J. It seems fairly specific to me, the app contains demeaning stereotypes of Pacific Islanders. That statue is a called a Moai and it is found on Easter Island (a.k.a Rapa Nui), an island in the South Pacific that is part of Polynesia.

    As far as, the idea that “you are not playing the part of a person at all.” Excuse me, but the reality is you are playing at killing Pacific Islanders. Is that fun for you? Is it really ok because now you “playing” as a god? Read the review, they are “your islanders” You, as the user, are in control. The review says “sure it’s sadistic, and yet strangely cute.” I think it is sadistic and racist; there’s nothing cute about it, and I think Apple should pull the plug on it.

  26. Michael (Admin) Says:

    I generally try to avoid expressing my personal views on heavy topics (ie: race and religion) on this site but I think it’s time to weigh in on this one, so I’m going to do it in the forums.

    I can see this dialogue getting way little too lengthy for this format, so if you have something to say please do it here:


  27. Chris J. Says:

    You are absolutely correct Michael, this debate easily could go on forever. I doubt that anyone is going to be convinced either way regardless of the arguments used.
    If we must debate, lets do so in the proper forum.

  28. Jay Says:

    Lame, boring game. Not worth a penny. Gets old faster than any other game, has no replay value. I have no clue why people rate it so high. Simple minds are easily amused I suppose.

  29. Chris J. Says:

    Feeling rather smug about your own view of things, I see. People (being different) like different things and so what you find boring others might enjoy. It is why we write reviews, so that others can see what games are like. Intelligence has nothing to do with it.

  30. Moriah Says:

    Thanks so much- I have been searching on how to update and couldn’t find the answer. I felt like I was the only person that didn’t know how to do it :)

    THANKS :)

  31. Chris J. Says:

    Glad I could help.

  32. White Irish Guy Says:

    Would anyone care to explain why this ISN’T racist to me?

    Thank you for your careful consideration.

    White Irish Guy

  33. Chris J. Says:

    You can see a little more about it in the forum. I don’t want to get into an in depth discussion here, I think the forums are a more appropriate setting. I’ll be happy to discuss it more with you.
    As far as a direct answer to your question, I can’t answer it. I can respond to specific reasons why you may think it is racist, but to answer the specific question of why it isn’t racist presupposes that I already believe it to be racist and came up with reasons it should not be. If I were to answer the specific question you asked, all I could say is: because it isn’t.

  34. ironguts Says:

    Latest update of Pocket God (ghost one) crashed my iPhone – totally froze it on game load – had to force reboot holding power plus circular “home” button on the phone – happens every time it tries to load. So deleted the sucker.

    Very sh*tty QA testing on the Pocket God coders part I must say. Test it dangitt!

  35. idea helper Says:

    you should make a thing that allows us pocket god players to make your own island, pygmie, creatures, food and items and other stuff. :D

  36. edge Says:

    i played the game for the first time today and…. I LOVE IT !
    and i got the best idea ever….
    are u redy for it?….

    POCKET GOD 2 !!!!!!!!!!!
    omg!!!!! :D haha i will pay $5 to it :)

  37. Cumbo212 Says:

    now we are on the 29 update though there is a much bigger range of torment

  38. tobs Says:

    your game is suuuuuuper coool :):):):)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and is there gonna come a new update??????
    can you send me a email about how you made the game???? :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  39. kj Says:

    there needs to be more updates :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  40. JIM Says:

    i think it would be cool to ride a ship but it woud be like an island were you coud fish and stuff but you uce a cannan to atack a giant octopus

  41. bryce Says:

    love the game.
    feed the volcano is fun 2 :-) :mrgreen:

  42. johnthenegro Says:

    because you are a white boy of Irish heritage!

  43. johnthenegro Says:

    shit! I just realized my answering this is about 1 year late. Damn time marches on….anyways…YOU SUCK!

  44. joe Says:

    pretty fun game,no idea what you could addon to it…:P

  45. idk Says:

    i have a similar problem it lets me play it the first time just fine but if i try to play it again it loads then crashes and goes back to the ipod touch display i tried deleting and reloading it and i had the same prob do u know what to do cuz i don’t

  46. Bebe Says:

    I have seen this game and I love it. However, I have a HTC phone. Can I get it on this phone?

  47. Franco Says:

    Love this game for iPhone, since I got it, I am addicted to it ;)

    Greets! :mrgreen:

  48. Luana Says:

    Sounds similar to another App called GodFinger. I think I like GodFinger better judging purely on the screenshots. But I agree, either way this game is only fun for a short period of time or if you are really bored in line.

  49. Cheyelle Says:

    :mrgreen: :| :arrow: :?: :idea: :?: :cry: :x 8) :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :evil: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O :oops: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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