7 Cities TD

I don’t know why, but I’ve always had a boner for Tower Defense games… that’s what the “TD” is for in 7 Cities TD. In the Tower Defense format your sole objective is to stop the enemy from moving across your turf. They don’t try to kill you, you just kill them before they reach their destination. A while back I had some fun with another “TD” game called Galactic Invasion, and 7 Cities TD is right up there even though it’s waaaaay different in both looks and gameplay.

7 Cities has seven different maps, hence the name, and they all seem to involve winding rivers where you can strategically place your towers of death as critters and pirate ships parade by. Neptune Entertainment not only lets you upgrade your weapons (as do all pretty much all TD games) but you can also earn other powerups and weapon abilities that make this a pretty fun time waster.

I could go into a whole thing about Blue Gems and Red Gems and the Skill Unlocker, but (a) I’m drinking right now and I’d probably explain it wrong because beer makes me stupid, and (b) all you really need to know is that there’s more to this game than just upgrading your firepower.

One thing that strikes me as a little weird in this game is that each map is treated as an individual game, so the high scores are also tallied as such. In other words, if you conquer the first map, you’ll be asked to put your name on the high score board before advancing to the next map. Now that I’m thinking about it I guess it isn’t that strange, but part of me was expecting each map to be treated as a level, and my high score wouldn’t be tallied until after getting a thorough ass-whipping by those damn pirates. Eh, whatever. At least Neptune put up a global 7 Cities scoreboard so you can flaunt your gaudy scores in front of the world. Good move! I hate when developers forget to do that, but I do wish I could put in a longer name (ie: iphoneappreviews).

As complaints go, I don’t have much. The graphics are high quality, but visually it’s all pretty blah because the towers you’re placing on the map kind of blend in with the scenery. Outside of that small detail it’s a very solid game that’s easy to learn and apparently hard to master since I haven’t gotten past the third map yet on Normal difficulty.

It looks like a lot of effort went into 7 Cities TD and there’s lots of playing time to be had, so I don’t think $4.99 is asking too much. It’s a quality game and if you, too, have a boner for Tower Defense it should provide plenty of entertainment.

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