Q&F: Comeks

Comeks may seem like just another comic-style photo editing program, but the eyes can be deceiving. Actually, this app falls under the Social Networking category as a micro-blogging tool that offers a fun way to keep people posted on your status on either Facebook, Bebo, or Friendster. You have to set up an account at comeks.com for this to work however. If you dread the mere thought of having to manage yet another online account, Comeks also gives you the option to export your creation to your photo library or send it as an email.

The actual photo editing portion of Comeks is pretty sweet. You can import any photo from you gallery or take a picture using your iPhone camera. Or you can choose a solid background color to build up from. Once you have your canvas, there are numerous sticker categories to choose from that range from “callouts” to “mustaches.” What I found that worked really well was after choosing a sticker, you can rotate, resize, and drag it in place all using the multi-touch methods we all are accustomed to. To top it off, Comeks allows you to add text in one of those white speech or thought bubbles so you can tell people how you really feel. The only drawback for me was the dwindling choice of stickers within each sticker category. I hope Comeks Ltd. plans to add a plethora of more sticker options in future updates; of course at the price of FREE, you can’t complain too much.

I noticed in the iTunes app reviews that many people experienced crashing issues. While I didn’t have any crashes after extensive use, a stability fix and more stickers in a future update would probably help the lagging two-and-a-half star rating in the app store. Nonetheless, Comeks is a social networking app with lots of promise and potential to be a high-polished and well sought-after micro-blogging tool.

Paris, you got nothing on me!

Paris, you got nothing on me!

2 Responses to “Q&F: Comeks”

  1. Michael (Admin) Says:

    LOL! Love the screenshot.

  2. Smokeylt Says:

    not available in the Itunes market anymore

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