Check out the iBonsai update.

You know, there are just some apps in the app store that you just can’t say much about. iBonsai from Brainpower Labs is one such app. What it delivers is sheer beauty and brilliance, yet it’s so simple that not much description is needed. And to boot, this is one of those apps you need to experience hands-on to really get what it is all about.

So here it is: iBonsai is an application that grows a miniature tree from a small pot (in about 30 seconds) in various leaf types and styles. That’s it. That’s what iBonsai is at its core. At heart, it’s a relaxation tool that offers a serene escape from the daily bump-and-grind of life. Trust me, this app is one you may not want to pass up if you need to zone out during your next meeting with the overbearing boss.

After you grow your first tree, you can then shake your iPhone to scatter the leaves, use multi-touch gestures to zoom in/out and rotate the tree for a full 3D view, or you can simply double tap the screen to grow another tree. If you find “zen” in a certain tree that just speaks to your inner being, don’t forget to take a screen snapshot to save it in your photo library. Personally, I just enjoy the Japanese brush work … I try not to let trees speak to me and tell me what to do; that’s why I got married.

What’s really unique about this app is that you will never have two bonsai trees that are the same. Brainpower Labs boasts about their “advanced generative algorithm and random number generator” that produces new and unique trees every time you grow one. I don’t know what all that means, but I do know it works at growing beautiful bonsai trees that speak to me (oh crap, I’m not supposed to let the trees talk to me).

My only request for iBonsai is the option to have some traditional oriental string music to play in the background while my bonsai grows. If Brainpower Labs added music to the app, I would say that the $2.99 price tag is justifiable. As it stands, $2.99 is a little pricey considering other “zen” apps (like Koi Pond) go for $.99 and include sound. Then again, iBonsai has some really incredible artwork and animation that makes it hard to pass up once you see it in action. Either way, iBonsai is a beautiful work of art that deserves some recognition and praise.

Be sure to check out their own feature review and more pictures – CLICK HERE

5 Responses to “iBonsai”

  1. danka Says:

    This used to be free (Jan 8th) and is now $2.99. This is a bit too high compared to the price curve on other apps IMHO. Just might buy for a buck.

  2. Tyler Says:

    iBonsai is now just $0.99 for a limited time!

  3. Renee Says:

    As of today March 5 it is free. NIce app for free. Worth a buck. I ead the update is great which was before I dl’d it. It does have music now.

  4. Theo Says:

    Utterly beautiful but I am mystified as to how to take a screen shot and save these beautiful trees!!!

  5. Michael (Admin) Says:

    Press Home and Lock at the same time! You’ll hear a click, the screen will flash, and the screenshot will be in your camera roll.

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