You know you’re playing a great puzzle game when you’d rather risk peeing in your pants than put down the iPhone to take care of business. I wish I were kidding here but I came dangerously close to wetting myself, my couch, and my dog because I couldn’t beat one of Jumble!’s levels. I know… “TMI”!

Jumble! is NOT that lame word puzzle you’re inexplicably drawn to when you’re done reading the newspaper’s comics. It’s a mixture of balance, problem-solving, and frustration. It’s Jenga in reverse.

Your goal is to either stack household items above a certain level or stack enough of them to fill a certain area, and it’s way harder than it sounds. If anything falls onto the floor you’re screwed and have to start over! You’ve got eggs, toast, slippers, wooden spoons, fruit, plungers, brooms, bags of flour… all kinds of things that are prone to the iPhone’s sense of gravity… and you’re supposed to somehow arrange these items as they come until your goal is met, and just to make you mad there’s a time limit, too! Items can be rotated which is key, and luckily Guy Moss was nice enough to provide an option for turning off “tilt control” just in case you’re a huge wuss or if you’re playing while on the train or bus.

The iTunes App Store description says there are over 40 levels but I was only able to get past a few thanks to Miller High Life and my impatient bladder. At $5.99 it’s a little pricey but Jumble! is fun, unique, difficult, and addicting, so if you’re a hardcore puzzler the current price isn’t really that much of a stretch.

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