Christmas C@rds

A little over a month ago I reviewed Halloween C@rds which I called “the only one that’s gotten it right” in the greeting-card-app genre. Nothing’s changed with Christmas C@rds –  this app has all the same kickass features as the Halloween version and Hot Chili Apps has thrown in a couple of nice upgrades to boot.

I’m not going to rehash my entire review of the Halloween app, so I’ll just say that Christmas C@rds is exactly what you want if you’re too poor or too lazy to drop real Christmas cards in the mail. The big difference is that now you can make your text pretty much any color you want, you can resize and reposition it at will by maneuvering the text with two fingers, and text now has optional dropshadow to make it easier to read.

There are 39 templates included with Christmas C@rds, and 17 of them allow you to add your own photo. The one thing I wish this app would do is let me add a personalized message to the email that accompanies the iPhone Christmas card. I suppose it could be rationalized that the card should speak for itself, but sending a blank email with just a photo might seem impersonal to some. On the plus side, you can email a single card to as many people as you want… a new CC: field is added to the in-app email client every time a new recipient is added.

Other than that, I can find little fault with this iPhone Christmas card app. It’s widely known that I’m lazy as hell, not to mention broke as hell, so I plan on using Christmas C@rds often this holiday season. It’s good for me, it’s good for the environment, it’s bad for the post office (ha!), and my friends and family really don’t care how my holiday wishes reach them. Pay $1.99 for this thing, it’s so worth it.

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