Q&F: Christmas App Roundup, Part 2

Christmas Rock’n’Roll is the lite holiday version of Tag Games Limited’s Rock’n’Roll app. Your job is to guide a psychotic-looking thing named “Roll” through a series of mazes where he needs to collect musical notes and ultimately rescue his buddy “Rock” who has been kidnapped by an evil Christmas-hating bastard.

Maze navigation is done by rotating the map with finger movements along the edge of the iPhone screen and tilting will also affect Roll’s movement. It’s hard at first, but if you play enough you’ll get the hang of it.

Despite being very colorful and Christmasy, I wonder if Christmas Rock’n’Roll will do more to piss your kids off than entertain them. It’s a high-quality game but, between the semi-difficult controls and the big maps filled with obstacles and bad guys, this app might be better suited for grownups and older children who can focus their attention for more than 30 seconds at a time… aww what the hell, let the kids play it. Tell them they HAVE TO rescue Rock or Santa won’t be coming this year! That’ll shut them up.

The full, non-themed Rock’n’Roll is $1.99.

My eyes would be bugging out too if I were stuck in this frozen-hell of a maze

My eyes would be bugging out too if I were stuck in this frozen-hell of a maze

Trivial Memory Christmas is your standard photo-matching game. Tap squares on a board to reveal images and find pairs.

Overall this app’s pretty good. It has a two-player option, three difficulty settings that produce photo grids laid out in 4×4, 6×6, and 8×8 formats, and it plays Christmas music which can be turned off. The game design isn’t the greatest, but hey whatever… it’s free, it’s mildly entertaining, and you’ll probably be deleting it on December 26th. Get it if you like this kind of game.

Trivial Technology also sells the non-themed Trivial Memory for $.99.

This game isn't pretty, but it's playable

This game isn't pretty, but it's very playable

Xmas-a-Mass Free is the very “lite” version of Xmas-a-Mass which Powerhouse Games sells for $2.99.

It’s really a pretty cool game… hold your finger on the iPhone screen to produce a nicely wrapped gift that grows in size the longer you hold it. Let go of the gift before it touches one of the satanic goblins crowding the screen, and keep adding gifts until you clear the level. Meanwhile, an orchestra plays a Christmas showtune soundtrack in the background.

Lite apps are supposed to give you a chance to test-drive the real thing before you buy so, in that sense, I really shouldn’t bitch about Xmas-a-Mass Free… but it’s such a short trial of the game!! Five levels is probably enough for you to decide whether you like it or not, but come on man! Geeeezzz!!!!

Ok, I’m done ranting. It’s a good game, just be prepared for your free trial to end abruptly.

Christmas just isn't Christmas without evil goblin heads among your gifts

Christmas just isn't Christmas without evil goblin heads among your gifts

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  1. Betty Says:

    :mrgreen: My husband reviewed the Christmas Rock n’ Roll app. We loved it, it was fun! We haven’t tried out the others you listed but will be looking for them. ;)


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