Galactic Invasion

Since yesterday I’ve spent about 6 hours playing this damn game! Considering that I’ve got the attention span of a 1st grader, I’d say that’s a pretty good sign that Galactic Invasion is awesome.

The object of Galactic Invasion is to keep the alien critters pouring out of the Mother Ship from making it to the ground. Each alien you eliminate earns you some money for buying new weapons, and the game ends when too many of them make it past your defenses.

My first impression of this game was damn this is slow. The aliens must be hungover or something because they really take their time in making their descent, and the weapons also fire at a relatively slow pace. Eventually, though, you’ll feel like the aliens can’t move slow enough as they start to sneak past your guns.

The challenge of Galactic Invasion is in how you arrange your weapons and how you spend your money. You want to keep the aliens in the air as long as possible, so you need to arrange your weapons in such a way that the bad guys have no choice but to float past your whole arsenal of guns which may be cheap-but-weak or expensive-but-powerful. Individual weapons can also be upgraded (at a cost, of course) which is absolutely key if you expect to have any success in this game.

Another thing to consider is that some weapons fire a lot faster than others. Firing speed is expressed in an odd way, with the speed rating being a measure of time between shots. This means that a weapon with a speed of 4 is faster than a weapon speed of 6. Keep this in mind when you’re setting up your galactic maze of death.

In the interest of “full disclosure”, BitWit, Inc. just started advertising Galactic Invasion on this site under the Sponsors section to the right, but that has nothing to do with why I love this game. The graphics are great, the sound is great (no cheesy arcade music!), and it’s just hard enough to make for some very addicting gameplay.

In future updates I’d really like to see an option for faster gameplay, a global scoreboard, and a Reset button… sometimes you screw up and just wanna start over… but even in its current version Galactic Invasion is worth every penny of the $1.99 price tag.

(Brag about your high scores here!)

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2 Responses to “Galactic Invasion”

  1. Rob Says:

    How does it compare to Field Runners?
    Sounds like the same type of game.

  2. admin Says:

    I’ve never played Field Runners but it looks pretty cool! If they’re willing to provide me a review copy I’ll let you know when it gets written up.

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