Halloween C@rds

I’ve reviewed a couple of other iPhone apps that allow you to send “greeting cards” but so far Hot Chili Apps is the only one that’s gotten it right. Halloween Pumpkinizer is ok but you’re limited to sending a pumpkin picture. Stylem Media’s Greetings (formerly known as Stylem Greetings) was, at the time of the review, a large collection of the garbage that litters MySpace comment boxes. Not sure if anything’s changed there since I uninstalled that app a long time ago.

Halloween C@rds lets you create a truly customized greeting card. There are three different types of templates: pattern, picture, and photo. Currently there are 11 of each for a total of 33 templates, and the photo templates allow you to insert a photo into the card! Pretty cool. The templates all have high-quality images and they range from cute and cartoony to more serious and kind of morbid.

Text size, font, and color are customizable, and you can also set horizontal and vertical alignment. Some text effects would be nice here, like maybe dropshadow or outline because some of the templates make it hard to read your words, but I think you’d be hard-pressed to find anything to truly complain about in this app.

Some other future upgrades that I’d love to see would be more text color options, more templates, and more fonts. A lot of the fonts currently included look pretty similar, and a Halloween greeting card app could definitely benefit from some “scarier” typefaces.

Hot Chili Apps also makes Birthday C@rds and Love C@rds which obviously contain dramatically different template sets to serve their respective purposes. I’ll be reviewing those later as updates are released, but if you like sending greeting cards around for various reasons, any of these “C@rd” apps will do the job and do it well. $1.99 isn’t much to spend for this kind of thing and I’d even go as far as saying the photo templates alone are worth the price of admission.

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