Singing Pumpkins

Singing Pumpkins is probably the best Halloween app I’ve reviewed yet! It shows a collection of very cute cartoon pumpkins that you can tap to make your own melodies or sound effects.

Each pumpkin has its own way of singing a note and occasionally yells something out of character just for fun, and if you actually possess some musical talent you might be able to cobble together a tune.

If you’d prefer Halloween sound effects over music, tap the music note in the bottom left corner and the pumpkins will drop the singing and switch to making spooky noises and saying things like “I vant to bite your neeeck” in a thick Transylvanian accent.

If you have or know any children, get this free app right now! I guarantee they will enjoy the hell out of it and some single non-parental adults (like me) probably will, too. I’m even thinking about incorporating this app into my Halloween costume if I can figure out how to waterproof my iPhone from the inevitable beer spills it’ll have to endure.

RAMDreams, the maker of Singing Pumpkins, doesn’t appear to have any other apps in the App Store right now but I’m already looking forward to whatever they come up with next.

2 Responses to “Singing Pumpkins”

  1. laura Says:

    Singing pumpkins? Mine are cute but not one of them works. They do not sing or say anything. They just get bold when tapped. Am I missing something?

  2. admin Says:

    I dunno what’s wrong, so my only suggestion is to delete the app and reinstall! Or maybe just check to make sure your iPhone isn’t set to mute :razz:

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