iBlueSky (mindmapping)

iBlueSky is a mindmapping tool. A “mindmap” is basically what you would get if your brain could throw up… you’ve got an idea in your head, you’re not sure of how to translate it to paper or some other visual medium, so you mindmap it! Start with a word or a concept, branch off from that concept with lines and circles that hold related ideas, draw more lines, more circles… and eventually your original idea starts to take shape in a big mess of words and bubbles.

Tenero Software Limited has made it really easy to move this process to the iPhone, and they’ve put in the right functionality to make it more appealing than scribbling your strokes of genius on a cocktail napkin.

In iBlueSky your ideas are divided into “branches”. If you have five ideas that are directly linked to your initial idea, that’s five branches that will all be color-coded so they’re easy to tell apart, and you can move invidivual bubbles or entire branches by dragging them around with your fingertip.

Everything you put into your mindmap is editable, and you can even copy, cut, and paste in case you realize that things need to be rearranged. It’s really a pretty sweet app for brainstorming, and when your mindmap is complete you can send it off in an email that will include the map in several different formats including PNG, PDF, and a couple of weird formats (OPML and MM) that are specific to other desktop mindmapping software programs like Freemind.

There are only two areas that I’d like to see improved, the first being the project list. Projects titles are the same as the text in the starting bubble, but I’d like to be able to edit the title in case I want it to be more descriptive. The other improvement would be in the formatting of the bubbles themselves… a return button would be good so that text could be arranged on more than one line, and it would also be nice if I could highlight certain bubbles with a fill color.

iBlueSky, overall, is a great way to map out your brilliant ideas. Inspiration can hit you at some weird times, so having an app like this on the iPhone seems like a perfect fit and a worthy use of $7.99.

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