Halloween WordSearch

FinBlade’s App Store description of this classic wordsearch puzzle brags, “It’s gorgeous, it’s ghostly, and it’s free!” And that description is “dead” on!

(See what I did there? It’s a Halloween app. I used the word dead because Halloween’s all about dead stuff like ghosts and skeletons and zombies. Clever, right? Crap. I just ruined it.)

ANYWAY… Halloween WordSearch is gorgeous indeed, like the developer says. Every aspect of this kids’ game is totally pro and it’s clear that a lot of time went into designing this app. The thing I find particularly gorgeous is the hot little witch that appears in the corner of one of the backdrops… she could be a Hooters Girl if she lost the hat and put on a tanktop! But don’t worry, if the thought of Junior getting his first boner from a Halloween app is distasteful to you, there’s an option that lets you turn the three backdrops on and off individually… a very smart and family-friendly move on the developer’s part.

Gameplay is top-notch as well. If you’re lucky enough to find a word, just drag your finger across the letters and they’ll be circled for you, and you’ll also be rewarded with a Halloweeny “organ” sound effect.

A timer is also available under Settings which could come in handy if you’ve challenged your kids to solve a puzzle while keeping their mouths shut for as long as possible.

What, that’s not enough? Ok fine, here’s an idea of my own: if you want to extend the quiet time, you could force the kids to write down each of the wordsearch words in a sentence! Not only is the game fun, it also just became educational. They’re bound to come up with cute things like “Daddy’s new girlfriend is HIDEOUS”, or “Mommy becomes the DEVIL when she drinks”… fun for the whole family, guaranteed! Or not…

FinBlade makes a similar non-themed app that’s simply called WordSearch which costs $1.99. I haven’t reviewed it but, judging by their Halloween offering, it’s probably the best wordsearch puzzle it can possibly be. Kudos to them for throwing App Store customers a holiday freebie and showing off the quality that they’re capable of producing.

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  1. janelle Says:

    does the app ever have an ending point where you when? or does it just keep going on and on?

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