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Even if you don’t recognize the name, you know what a Lite-Brite is… hundreds of colored translucent pegs that you stick onto a grid that somehow makes them glow. On the TV commercials they showed kids creating these magnificent works of glowing art, and when you finally got your hands on it you felt like a huge loser because all you could manage was a smiley face, and a crappy one at that.

Light Show is the iPhone’s Lite-Brite equivalent but without so many pegs. Tap a color, tap an empty spot on the grid, and pretty soon you’re reliving your childhood failures as an artist! Ahhh nostalgia. The app is a fairly faithful reproduction of the toy but in playing with it I ran into a few issues, one of them extremely annoying.

The first of the less-annoying issues is the inability to save or export your masterpiece, except by taking a screenshot of the application which includes the master pegs and the “delete” peg which lets you take a peg off the board. Of course you can crop the master pegs out, but not everyone knows how to do that. The other issue is that I found one spot on the grid where it was nearly impossible to place a peg. Tap tap tap tap, nothing. If you’ve experienced the same thing, check the screenshots to see if your dead peg is in the same place.

The extremely annoying issue, a deal-breaker in my opinion, is that when Light Show crashes (and it crashed on me several times over) you’re back at Peg One. Everything is gone! Groan. I can’t say that the app crashes all the time because it’s stayed open and problem-free for some good stretches, but if the crash happens after you lay down 50 pegs you’re gonna be steamed.

Light Show is a very simple app with a very simple purpose, and I like the idea but right now I wouldn’t pay $.99 for it. If it would remember my work after a hopefully-infrequent crash, or at least something close to it, and if it would give me a way to save my work then I think it would be worth paying a buck for. It would be even better if the pegs looked a little more translucent, kind of like miniature JawBreaker/reMovem balls. I’m sure a lot of people would like to have a mobile Lite-Brite, but so far this execution doesn’t do it for me.

The Art of Light Contest

I may not like this app in its current form, but you might. 1026 Development is running a contest where you can win an iTunes gift certificate if your Light Show art kicks ass, so if you’re going to submit something you might want to look at the contest details.

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  1. Jeremy Curcio Says:

    Hello, my name is Jeremy Curcio, lead developer at 1026 Development. First of all I’d like to thank iPhone App Reviews for their review of Light Show. Secondly I would like to address some of the things that was mentioned in the review.

    Lets start with the biggest problem, the crashing. There were a few errant lines of code in the application that were improperly implemented causing the crash problem. During the beta testing phase Light Show was tested on a relatively clean device (it has only projects by 1026 Developments on it.) Having the empty device didn’t allow for this nasty bug to show itself until it was too late, when the public got their hands on it. There was a quick fix submitted to Apple on 8/14 which should *help* to clear up some of the crashing issues. There is still a chance that on a heavily loaded device there may still be problems with crashing. As soon as 1.0.1 is released into the App Store I will have another release ready which will fix the crash problems on all devices.

    Included in the 1.1 release will be a clear all button. By pressing this button the entire display will be cleared, no more needing to tap every peg to return it to a cleared state. 1.1 will also include a save/load feature. It will not be an auto-save at this time, it will also only allow one image to be saved into the memory at a time. In future updates I hope to be able to offer auto-saving on application exit, as well as saving of multiple images at a time.

    Light Show is currently the biggest App from 1026 Development, as far as the download numbers are saying. If you have any issues please do not hesitate to submit a bug report by visiting or sending us an email to

    Thank-you all for taking the time to read the review and my reply.

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