This is the free version of one of the most aggravating puzzle games I’ve ever played. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a lot of fun but, even in this free version, advancing to the higher levels can seem like a feat of epic proportions. Your mission is to help the annoyingly cute Dizzy Bee rescue his fruit friends and make it to the sinkhole before evil Frowny Face villains slaughter the bee with extreme prejudice. Ok, I made up the Frowny Face name, but that’s basically what they are… frowny faces.

When you first start the game it advises you to hold the game vertically. At first this might seem like stupid advice and you’ll want to hold your iPhone flat and tilt it to and fro… ah, but this makes the poor bee sick! Holding the game upright and rotating it like a wheel actually feels a little easier, although it may not seem that way when the Frownies are constantly on your ass.

See, the only way to make Dizzy Bee move is to turn his world upside down. When Dizzy Bee falls, so do the fruit friends and so do the Frowny Faces. This is a dilemma indeed. With everyone moving in the same direction, staying alive becomes kind of a problem. The one thing that makes the game slightly less hellish is that Dizzy & Co. appear to live underwater since everyone floats from place to place. There are also other elements spread throughout the mazes such as bubble sprayers and a giant ball that acts like a really annoying door, and these things can either help you or hurt you real bad.

This is an unusual puzzle game and I strongly recommend you try this free version first before you pay Igloo Games for the real thing… speaking of which, I love it when developers let you try before you buy. Shouldn’t they ALL be doing that? Kudos to Igloo.

Getting back to the game… the graphics and sound are top-notch, but you may find it so frustrating that you just can’t deal with it beyond the first few levels. Dizzy Bee appears to have an infinite number of lives, but you can only die so many times before you want to reach out and strangle the bee yourself. On the other hand, if you love this game to death (and I suspect a lot of people will) then it’ll be the best $2.99 you’ll ever spend in your life.

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