The iTunes App Store has plenty of apps that let you do all kinds of things with your photos… upload them, share them, deface them, you name it… but what if you just want to rotate your photo? Or make it look all artsy by making it black & white?

In the absence of a full-on Photoshop app, which you probably don’t want on your phone anyway, you don’t have many options. But you do have the simple iPhone photo editor called ezimba.

I’ll never know why ezimba is called ezimba, and frankly I don’t really care. All I know is that it lets me do simple things to photos (and a lot of bizarre things, too) and that’s about all I need.

Most of what you’ll want from ezimba can be found under the Standard Enhancements and Reorient categories. Once you choose your photo and load it into the app, you can go into Standard Enhancements and adjust the contrast, brightness, sharpness, saturation, hue, and perform a few other semi-common operations like blur and soft light.

Under Reorient, you get to rotate your photo, flip it vertically, flip it horizontally, and a couple other things not worth mentioning.

There’s also a Resize & Reduce category that sounds useful, but you have to remember that you’re using your phone to manipulate photos. You can reduce the size of your photos by anywhere from 10-90% (but why? iPhone photos are relatively small as it is), but when it comes to cropping specific parts of the photo you’re out of luck.

Aside from color effects that let you change the image to sepia, monochrome, and other colors, most of ezimba’s other functions are just for fun. Despite whatever fantasies you might have about applying a High Swirl to your mom’s face and then putting her inside a Pirate Cut Out, it’s really not that glamorous.

If you take a lot of pictures and have an occasional need or desire to make something black & white or brighten up low-light photos, ezimba is perfect. It even lets you undo all of those horrible filters you’re bound to apply. If there’s any real downfall in this app, it’s that you will lose any work you’ve done when answering a call or responding to a text message, and this is where you learn the first rule of image tomfoolery: save your work often!

I really could do without all the crazy transformations and filters, but you gotta give ezimba’s developers credit for putting in the effort. If you take pictures with your iPhone and like to tinker with them, you need this app and you need it now.