Rotary Dialer

Joshua Minor clearly has way too much time on his hands! Rotary Dialer turns your sleek state-of-the-art iPhone into a piece of crap rotary phone, the kind that hit the Endangered List about 30 years ago and now can only be found at garage sales and kitschy retro stores.

Normally this is where I’d go off about how the dialer could be more accurate and how it should make that rotary dialing sound (which it doesn’t) but what the hell, it’s free and it’s a funny joke for about 5 minutes. Break this thing out at a party and the drunks will have a good laugh or use it to convince granny that this is truly the peak of modern technology.

Btw, it’s a rotary dialer for dialing only. Once the call starts, you’re jolted back into reality by the sickeningly modern iPhone keypad.

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  1. aldogiovanni Says:

    good job

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